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When Classical Goes Digital

Digital has marked classical performances and we can see that many of the pioneers in the industry are from the classical world. For Jeffrey Kahane, conductor for many major American orchestras, it is “easy”; He has more than 100 scores on his iPad and he knows he has avoided many risks associated with using paper […]

Going Digital: The Pioneers Who Paved The Way

The music world is making its way into the digital revolution. In fact, you can do almost anything from an iPad; composing, producing, performing from digital sheet music, or even playing an instrument from this device. Some pioneers have taken full advantage of the iPad or other technologies and what they provide, check out some […]


What Will Happen To Music Scores?

May The Digital Era Arise!   Let’s immerse into the future, in a world where paper sheet music does not exist anymore…  Sheet music along with publishers went digital and musicians now play their instrument in front of a screen that displays their music scores (at least… that is the most likely outcome of today’s […]

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The Major Music Education Conventions

As you may have heard, Newzik was granted the « Best 2016 tool for schools » award at the NAMM Show. Indeed, at Newzik, one of our top priorities is helping music educators and their students. That is why we have put together a list for you of the major music education conventions in which you can […]


The MusicXML Format

Considering that one of Newzik’s many goals is to be the best MusicXML reader among the sheet music reader market, let’s take a closer look at this very promising file format. Here are many reasons why it completely outperforms any other file format when it comes to reading sheet music. A brief history This format […]

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How important is music education?

Music makes you feel good; it’s as simple as that. In fact, there is even data to back this up. In a 2013 issue of Science, Valorie Salimpoor, a neuroscientist at McGill University in Montreal, reported along with several colleagues, that music triggers activity in the same brain structure that releases the “pleasure chemical” dopamine […]

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The Major Music Festivals

One could ask: what is the point of a music festival? Well, first of all, a music festival gathers people  from all over the world in the same location for concerts at great venues, but not only that. In fact, a festival is a place to meet, but also a place for creation and discovery. […]


The Major Music Fair Trade Shows

The Newzik team proudly entered the convention world by exhibiting in Music Fair trade shows and we wanted to give you some feedback on our own experience, and some things we learnt along the way! For the record, Music Fair trade shows are international trade shows for all musical instruments, sheet music, music marketing and […]

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This article is sponsored by Newzik. The goal is to encourage music lovers to smoothly enter the music community. First off, music can be defined as a combination of sounds that go well together. In fact, it has existed as an audible art for thousands of years before anyone started theorizing it. Eventually, theory was […]