For you Musicians, Digital will solve it all!

Digital is taking advantage over paper in every sector: you all read books on your tablets or get the news on your smartphone. But sheet music is the only sector that has still not benefited from this revolution although musicians are the ones who encounter the most paper issues.

And here comes Newzik.


Problem 1: The inconvenience of printed music

First, paper is heavy. VERY heavy. Just try to imagine a musician carrying 50 pounds of sheet music in addition to his instrument clutching his shoulder…

Second, paper is unreliable. Losing or forgetting scores happen to every musician, every day, even to the greatest (let’s say, Hugh Sung).

Thanks to digital scores, these situations won’t appear again: all your music content is gathered on your thin and light tablet. And because Newzik relies on its own Cloud, you will be able to retrieve your content on any device, anywhere, anytime.


Problem 2: The stressful page turn issue

In 2016, there is still someone employed to turn pianist’s sheet music page during a performance. Even worse, half of the strings players in an orchestra have to regularly stop playing, anxiously waiting for the page turn moment.

Confronted with these issues, the great Violinist Ray Chen pioneered and used the AirTurn Bluetooth foot pedal at the 2009 Queen Elisabeth Competition in Belgium. He finished first.

Free hands, more focus on the music and the instrument. That’s the key.


Problem 3: Wasting time on searching for the right score

“Finding the right score or sheet for a rehearsal or during a performance is hard, ordering and re-organizing all over again his sheet music library is time-consuming” pointed out The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center. Its librarian, Robert Whipple, consequently decided to digitalize the whole library of the institution.

More convenient, faster in case of emergency. Make set lists of the needed scores, search for a music more easily.

Newzik could be defined as the iTunes for music scores. Very simple and self-explanatory. And even better: mp3, MIDI and video files can be added and synchronized with your scores.


Musicians deserve to benefit from the Digital Revolution, and Newzik is the best tool to enter this era.  Not only does it make optimal use of the benefits of paper, it provides never thought out alternatives: annotating digital scores, transposing in a fly, sharing instantaneously, and much more.



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