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    WT Martin


    I’d like to say that I’m very impressed by this application and I downloaded the free app and filled it up with titles. It seems to work just fine and I only have a question about it… Well a question and a comment. My question is: The price is listed as $19.00, is that the price forever or is this just for a annual subscription like it is for your band use? And my comment, Isn’t $20 a bit expensive? I’m having a bit of a issue talking myself into purchase because looking at applications in the same categories as this, I haven’t found many around that price point although there certainly might be some and I am just missing them. Now there are some advanced portions that are really great like the full orchestra portions and the band stuff that are pretty great, frankly amazing but I’m sure I have no use for that stuff. All I would use is the collection and playback of the tabs. Now ultimately I want to say that it’s not a problem and I will purchase it but I just don’t know.

    Thank you so much, as I said, I just have the one question if someone could help me out…

    WT Martin.

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    WT Martin

    This is funny, now under the $19.99 it says, “For a Lifetime” so I suppose there is the answer to my question!

    I still think it’s still a bit expensive but they are changing some things and I understand a new version is either our or coming out so its time to take another look!

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    Hi Martin, and thanks for your kind posts!

    Indeed, our 19$ premium is for a lifetime: you pay it once, and you’ll be able to manage an unlimited number of titles in Newzik.

    You’re totally right: we work hard everyday to develop new features and make the app better. As you might see, we try to release new versions on a very regular basis.

    We remain at your entire disposal for any help,

    All the best,
    The Newzik Team

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