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    Steve Tulinsky

    I’m using Newzik to play MIDI files I have imported into Newzik.
    When I import Newzik asks me if I want to generate a score from the midi file and I always say yes.
    However I’ve found some of these scores don’t display properly or not all while others do.
    The file is still present in the folder and ticked yet the score doesn’t display? Also sometimes annotations on these scores disappear?
    I have the premium version so am finding this quite frustrating!
    Also I’m finding Newzik is sometimes freezing and not working at all.
    I have an iPad 4 with latest operating system.

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    Hi Steve, and thanks for your message.

    First, creating a score from a MIDI file is a Newzik feature, but we are strongly dependent on the MIDI format that won’t let us do a lot of things. If you need to use a perfect score, we strongly advise you to write your score on a notation software and export it in MusicXML (or PDF).

    Regarding annotations: we worked hard these days to come up with very stable annotations on PDF scores. Our next step will be to stabilize them on MusicXML. In a couple of months, all the problems you might have seen on MusicXML annotations will be 100% solved.

    Thanks for helping us build a better app day after day, we strongly appreciate. We remain at your disposal should you need any more help!

    All the best,
    The Newzik Team

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    In case you don’t know, I wanted to share about the MIDI format. It is a format invented over 30 years ago that communicates between a computer and a digital instrumen. The shared information accurately transmits/contains all of the elements of a musical performance. It is an amazing standard to still be around and active 30 years later with very little change.

    What MIDI lacks is detailed data that is needed in music notation, as well as adherence to quantization. When you bring in a MIDI file to Newzik or any other application, it generally isn’t going to look right because it is missing information from the score, and is usually subject to human playing error (not precisely on the beat, etc)

    For best results, import your MIDI file into any computer notation program (Sibelius, Finale, Dorico, MuseScore (free), Notion, Notion for iOS), clean it up, and export out as a MusicXML.

    Music XML is precisely for communicating printed scores–and many programs can take that format and do many other things, such as play back files over MIDI.

    In other words, other than in live performance or mixing in a DAW, if you want printed music, the power is in MusicXML to MIDI.

    There are millions of MIDI files on the Internet. I have worked with many and have never had a MIDI file I wanted to work with import cleanly into a notation file.

    I hope that helps!

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