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    I assume only MusicXML files are able to be transposed using this software? PDF files would simply be displayed? Can PDF files have multiple pages with multiple songs that are indexed? I currently use the UnReal book app for this purpose, however, rewriting charts in MusicXML would be handy for transposition.

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    Hi Cosmo!

    In Newzik, you can transpose musicXML scores but also .TXT lyrics and chords files.
    We unfortunately do not propose the indexation you talk about for now.
    If you want to rewrite your charts in MusicXML, you’ll be able to import them into Newzik, transpose them, and make a MIDI play with it. You should give it a try!

    Thanks for reaching us,
    The Newzik Team

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    Is it possible to import PDF files sent to you via email?

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    Yes, you can import PDF from an email :
    – in your email, long-click on your attached file and choose “copy to Newzik”.
    – you’re then automatically redirected to the app
    – go to the import menu (second item in the general left menu)
    – click on “files sent to Newzik”
    – select your file (that appears here), and click on next to add it to a title (you can pick an existing one or create a new one)


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    Ross Yu

    How do you import a copy of a paper sheet music by taking a picture with my iPad and export it to this apps on a pdf format?? Can you crop this and fix this up?? Can you transpose this file to different scales???

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    Hi Ross!

    First, we are currently working on a darkroom, meaning that in about 2 months, you’ll be able to take pictures, crop, etc… directly from Newzik. In the meantime, you can use a distinct app (CamScanner for instance), save your work in an email, and then send this PDF to Newzik (long click -> open with Newzik).

    Regarding your second question: unfortunately, you cannot transpose PDF files. You can only transpose MusicXML scores and lyrics and chords files.

    All the best,
    The Newzik Team

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    Hey Cosmo,

    If you want to convert a PDF to MusicXML, there are two ways to do this.

    The first is to scan, and both solutions come from Neuratron. Neuratron makes PhotoScore, which is the program packages with Sibelius. MakeMusic is removing the scanning ability of Finale.

    PhotoScore for Mac/Windows costs $250 and can convert a PDF to digital notation (MusicXML). You will likely want a notation program to clean up errors and text (lyrics) before exporting to Newzik. There are a bunch of notation programs out there to choose from.

    PhotoScore for iOS/Android is part of the app NotateMe. With the PhotoScore in-app purchase, the app is $70. Whatever you take a picture of, it attempts to convert into MusicXML and is often as accurate (sometimes more!) than the computer version. You do have to print out your PDF to scan it, however. The better the phone camera and lighting, the better the results. And if you choose this method, put your music on a white background. Again, clean-up with a notation program is necessary.

    The other answer only works a part of the time. If you have a PDF that was generated by a notation program, it isn’t a photo/based PDF, it is a font-based PDF. Such a PDF is much smaller than what you make yourself with a scanner.

    If you have a notation-created PDF, the computer program PDFtoMusic can take a PDF, read it, and make it into a MusicXML file.

    Newzik’s super power is its ability to work with MusicXML, which is really the future. With MusicXML, you don’t get a static document–which means you have the ability to manipulate the data. And the amazing aspect of Newzik is that it allows for annotation–which I have always felt is a key aspect of music performance and education.

    Hopefully this helps you as you work with PDFs and MusicXML files!

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    Victor Eijkhout

    Yes, please crop function!

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