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    When reading about your application that one could associate audio mp3 and videos to a score and synchronize them, I was very glad, because it is a feature I really wish for.

    The application seems very promising, but I couldn’t find any synchronization with pdf (which if I understand well, it is a feature limited to MusicXML for the time being)

    Actually, the only thing I would need would be the ability to play the audio associated to a score once, and do the page turns by hand, so that the app remembers the moments to do the page turning for the next times… I know MusicXML is more versatile than pdf, but converting my scores to MusicXML is not an option.I do have Sibelius, but I just hate it and don’t have the time to learn it and edit scores with it… (And photoscore lite, which I tried, makes a mess out of my scores…)

    In an update maybe ? Or this kind of feature is already there and I couldn’t find it ?



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    Hello Pierre-Henri, and thank you very much for your kind message!

    You are totally right: for now, you can synchronize audio and video with MusicXML scores and TXT lyrics files. However, we have planned to develop a synchronization system for PDF scores to help you turn your pages automatically. I can’t give you a precise release date but you will see this feature in 2017!

    Have a nice day,
    All the best,

    The Newzik Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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