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    Neil Speers

    Wondering if you’ll ever make importing doable with RTF format in addition to txt – the program I write lyrics with only exports RTF and its on my desktop computer, not my iPad. Or, will you bring back the ability to edit lyrics through your website (which I found vert useful and miss in the current versions.)

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    Herb Champion

    I am a new user. All my lyric sheets are in doc format. Will I have to print them all out and scan them in in PDF format to use this app?


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    Neil Speers

    Herb – you could export each page as a PDF – there’s lots of apps to do that from word, but you’d want to do one page at a time if they are all in one document.

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    Hi Herb and Neil,

    Actually, if your content is in .doc, we strongly advise you to save them in .TXT. With this format, you’ll have way more flexibility in Newzik than with PDF.

    All the best,
    The Newzik Team

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