• Transposition

    Transpose scores, chords and MIDI files 

  • Versioning

    Create personalized versions within the same title

  • Easy file import

    Import your files via Dropbox or mailbox

  • Visualization

    See finger’s right position on a fretboard or keyboard

  • Metronome

    Set your own tempo 

  • Clouded Library

    Access your secured Library anywhere, anytime 

  • Synchronization

    Synchronize your scores with audio or video files 

  • Pedal Page Turn

    Flip pages manually, automatically or with a Bluetooth Pedal

  • MusicXML Reader

    Resize the score and the bars will automatically reflow to fit the screen. Choose the tracks to display, set your MIDI mix…

  • Lyrics & Chords Editor

    Write and edit lyrics and chords songs

  • Sharing

    Send titles and playlists by e-mail with your fellows

  • Annotation

    Use our homemade pencils, highlighters and musical notation stamps

  • Leader/Follower Mode

    As a leader, connect up to 100 screens together via wifi.

  • Synced screens

    The page turn & title change will be synced and replicated on the followers’ screens

  • Real time annotations

    Annotations are seen in real time by the whole group

  • Collaborative playlist

    Share online synced playlists up to 100 musicians. Title/versions adding are seen in real time by the whole group