Must-have Apps for The Professional Musician

by | Jul 11, 2017

With the advent of the smartphone, technology is in our hands and we can find tons of useful apps for everyone, for any purpose. So, how can a smartphone be beneficial to the professional musician?
We gathered here the three must-have app-types that you can use on your iPhone or iPad.
The Digital Tuner, the Metronome App and the Audio Recorder are convenient, cost-effective and easy-to-use. Enjoy!

“There are iPhone apps that do those things almost better than the original, and are a lot more portable.” Bjorn Ranheim, Cellist, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra


1) The digital tuner

Our top selection:

This chromatic tuner and tone generator app allows you to accurately and quickly tune your instrument, offers a variety of pitch and temperament settings, and supplies a large, clear display that is easy to see from a distance.
Cleartune is simple and user friendly, and yet very efficient and accurate.

 Other top tuners:

Made by the famous Peterson Strobe Tuners, this app is sensitive to a wide range of pitches (for example the whole range of a harp), includes an input boost, and a noise filter, so the tuner reacts only to you and not the other orchestra players sitting around you.

This all-in-one app is a tuner, a tone generator and a metronome.
TonalEnergy is sensitive to a wide range of pitches, enables recording while using the tuner or the metronome, offers a temperament setting as well as some other features such as notation options, variety of sampled symphonic instruments sounds, Bluetooth support and more.

Violin Multi-Tuner
Besides supplying a fast and accurate pitch detection, the Violin Multi-Tuner app offers some other features such as a metronome, playable fingerboard, ear and sight reading exercises, and more.


2) The metronome app

Our top selection:


This app offers 4 new modes that allow you to record, play pitches, create a setlist with custom settings, and program the app to increase tempo and track repetition of difficult passages.

Metronome+ is a simple, accurate, elegant and easy-to-use metronome app. It has a beautifully uncluttered interface and it’s free!

Other top metronomes:

Pro Metronome

This app supports several ways to experience beats. The free version includes sound, and the Pro version enables Visual, Flash, Vibrate and Airplay Modes.

Pro metronome supports a host of secondary features such as background play mode, in-app volume adjust and the ability to save playlists you can share with friends.


This app offers full drum grooves and allows you to create setlists, save presets and share them with friends, to download new presets and playlists from a public library and more.

Voice Memo

3) The audio recorder

Voice Memos

This built-in app lets you record any audio you want to save right to your iPhone, edit and share it.

“The voice memos app is so handy, and it actually gives you a very, very good quality recording. It’s good for when you want to get a little bit of feedback.” Bjorn Ranheim, Cellist, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra


With these must-have apps you are now fully equipped to be at your best during rehearsals, at stage performance, while teaching or when practicing at home!
Are you using other helpful apps on your smartphone? Please feel free to share them with our community!


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