The Major Music Festivals

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One could ask: what is the point of a music festival?

Well, first of all, a music festival gathers people  from all over the world in the same location for concerts at great venues, but not only that. In fact, a festival is a place to meet, but also a place for creation and discovery. You attend one to enrich your musical culture and to meet  fellow music lovers, whatever your genre.

This is what compelled us to write this article to present to you the major music festivals.



lucerne festival

Genres: Contemporary, Classic

For you classic or modern musicians, the Lucerne Festival takes place every year on the Lucerne Lake in Switzerland and has three versions: The Summer and Easter Festival, as well as the Piano Festival. The choice is yours!

This festival gathers famous orchestras, conductors & soloists and attracts more than 110,000 visitors every year. It has hosted concerts of guest orchestras such as the Berlin Philharmonic, Boston Symphony Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra and many more of this high calibre.




Genres: Classic, Jazz, Contemporary, Pop

Whatever your music taste, you will find what you like at Tanglewood Music Festival. It is held every summer in Lenox, Massachusetts and gathers the music world’s elite. It is among the top music festivals in the United States and one of the tops in the world. Tanglewood is, in fact, the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s (BSO) summer home and started out with BSO outdoor concerts. In the summer of 2016, the Tanglewood Festival will mark its 79th Season with the presence of the great country singer, Dolly Parton. This edition, as the others, will attract around 300,000 visitors.



montreux festival

Genres: Jazz

Jazzmen, this event was created just for you! The Montreux Jazz Festival is held every July over 2 weeks in Montreux, Switzerland on the shores of Lake Geneva. Every year, more than 220,000 visitors attend this festival. It is truly a landmark event, as it has hosted historic performances from grand artists such as Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Marvin Gaye, Prince, Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, and Stevie Wonder. The event also offers opportunities for emerging artists through workshops and an open-air stage.

Beware; do not think that Switzerland has a monopoly over music festivals. Canada also has a say. The Montreal International Jazz festival is big in the music community as it attracts about 2 million visitors!


SXSW– United States

sxsw festival

Genres: General

You can attend this one either with music lovers or cinema lovers. The South by South West Festival or SXSW offers a “unique convergence of original music, independent films, and emerging technologies ». It takes place every June in Austin, Texas and attracts 72,000 registrants and artists alike. It helps emerging artists promote their music in front of Music Industry professionals and grow their fanbase. For instance, it helped Diet Cig launch their career. SXSW also hosts conferences on the evolution of the music industry. You will not leave this festival without learning or discovering someone.


We do hope that, now, you wish to attend these festivals, or wish to go back again and enjoy the music surrounded by you fellow music lovers.

You metal, rock or country lovers, feel free to share your own festival experiences! We have not forgotten about you!


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