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The Major Music Education Conventions

As you may have heard, Newzik was granted the « Best 2016 tool for schools » award at the NAMM Show. Indeed, at Newzik, one of our top priorities is helping music educators and their students. That is why we have put together a list for you of the major music education conventions in which you can participate anywhere in the world.

The TMEA Convention and the ISTE Conference- TEXAS

The Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) organizes an annual convention in February. « The TMEA Clinic/Convention is an incredibly affordable opportunity for professional development, inspiration, and motivation ». It is a key convention for Music Education because Texas is fully committed to this sector. Along the same lines exists the Florida Music Educators Association’s Convention.

The International Society for Technology in Education organizes an annual conference in June also happening in Texas. It is very famous and a reference in education since it is ”The premier education technology conference”.


The London Music & Drama education exposition- EUROPE

As for the London Music Education Exposition, it is a rising star in the sector and it is held every February. The “Music Education Expo is the UK’s largest conference and exhibition for anyone involved in music education”. In 2016, it attracted visitors from more than 40 different countries mostly from the music and drama education sector. Educational institutions, exam boards, music tech companies, suppliers and music publishers are all welcome to exhibit, speak or just attend. Why London? The city is a center for music education as it hosts many music venues, has many educational institutions and many music teachers. Furthermore, according to Alfred Jahn, Head of Marketing at Rhinegold Media &Events, “Music education has always played a focal role across Europe and especially the United Kingdom the Music & Drama Education Expo represents this”. In 2017, this exposition is expected to be the largest to date with more than 2,500 visitors and 150+ exhibitors.


ISME- International Music Education

Check out the ISME (International Society for Music Education) World Conference. It is held every two years in July and gathers speakers, researchers, educators, and artists from across the world. It has been held in Brasil, Greece, it has an African version and also an Asian version. According to Sheila Woodward, the 2016 ISME President, the ISME wants “to promote access to quality music education for all”. This conference gives the opportunity to share music and ideas, to expand your network and think about the future of music education.

Why choose the Music & Drama education exposition over the ISME?

The first one extends over two days instead of six, which enables the best networking conditions. The location of the Exposition helps attract a truly international audience that comes from the entire music and


There are many other music education conventions but we only chose a few for you, the ones you shouldn’t miss. Whatever the conference, they all discuss the future of music education as we enter a new digital era. Education in every other subject has been turned upside down because of the digital revolution, so why not music education?

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    What a great pepersctive! Definitely gives you hope that there might be a way to see positive change even in situations where it feels like there is no possibility.


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