We placed a bet on a larger screen: Apple just delivered it. Welcome, iPad Pro.


A couple of years ago, we realized that the digital revolution had reached every sector (press, book edition, etc.) but had skipped the sheet music universe. We decided consequently to put all our efforts into developing a flexible, intuitive and powerful sheet music reader app.This app aims at replacing paper scores on musicians’ stands.

However, the more we went on developing our iOS application, the more musicians told us this software was facing a major issue: iPad screen size. As we heard, “musicians are used to read their music notes on a A4 sheet, and technology won’t change that”. At this point, we had two options: moving to something else, or risking waiting for Apple to hear our prayers and develop a larger-screen tablet.

Two months ago, Tim Cook presented a new product called the iPad Pro, a device that we received and tested yesterday at Newzik. Our conclusion is unanimous: musicians’ life is about to drastically change. Winning bet.

As a matter of fact, iPad Pro 12,9’’ screen is particularly giant for a tablet. If you need a comparison, it has the same dimensions as an A4 piece of paper. Besides, Apple’s homemade iPencil, especially designed for the iPad Pro, is expected next week and will optimize our annotation tools. Musicians will be able to annotate their sheet music with increased precision.

Newzik got prepared for this new iPad, and our software runs on it wonderfully. Our last impediment has disappeared, and we are looking forward to see what you’ll think of it. Without any doubt, this new device will facilitate musicians’ transition from paper to digital sheet music. We hate behaving like groupies, but the whole musician community should thank Apple for that.

You are as enthusiastic as we are and want to be among the very first to read your sheet music with an iPad Pro? Newzik will make it possible for you: our Appstore launch is expected mid-December!