Dear parents, let me tell you what I do for a living


A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting at a family diner when my sister asked: “You’ve been working with Newzik for a while now, can you tell me, once and for all, what it is exactly?”

My parents decided to answer this question for me.

– Mom: “Honey, this is very simple. With Newzik, pages will turn automatically when you play music with your instrument, it is magic!”

– Dad: “You didn’t get it. With Newzik, you can compose and write your notes and AFTER, it will turn the pages automatically.”

Dear parents, I am very sorry but the time has come for some clarifications!

We agree on one fact: Newzik is a very large application containing many features. In this article, we’ll try to give you a more precise insight about what we do down here.

I. Newzik is a sheet music reader

Our main objective is crystal clear: we want to replace 3-ring binders with iPads on musicians’ stands all over the world. While the press and book sectors embraced the digital era a couple of years ago, time has come for the music sector to join this revolution.

A musician will then use Newzik as its personal sheet music library. Given everything is saved on the cloud, he can access his scores from any iPad or iPhone. He will import his music scores to his account and organize them into playlists. While rehearsing, he will be able to annotate these scores, transpose them and select the tracks he wants to display. Finally, on stage, he will read the music on his iPad and turn the pages thanks to a connected Bluetooth pedal (or even automatically when the score is synchronized with an audio track – this is not magic, this is technology!).

Note for tech-lovers: In addition to supporting PDF or .txt files like other applications do, Newzik is the best MusicXML reader available on iPad and iPhone. The MusicXML format lets you customize your scores with an incredible flexibility.

II. Newzik is a collaboration tool for bands and orchestras

Because music is namely a matter of collaboration and teamwork, we developed two tailor-made features for music bands and orchestras.

Feature 1 – Thanks to the Collaborative Playlists© feature, a musician can share his playlist with his band. Each member will be able to add his own titles, create his own versions in each title, make annotations, and follow other member’s moves in real time. In short, this feature could be defined as the “Google Doc of Playlists”.

Feature 2 – Thanks to the Band Mode©, you can connect iPads and/or iPhones together via Wifi and synchronize page turn and title change on every device. You’re sure then that your group members will always be on the right page and the right  title.

III. Newzik can be used by both professional and amateur musicians

You are a professional and write your music with Sibelius or Finale softwares? You’ll be able to read and manage your work directly into Newzik.

You’re an amateur musician and want to sing and play some songs? We built an in-app web search tool where you can find millions of lyrics and chords files. And if you don’t know how to play “Dm7”, click on it to see the fingers’ position on a fretboard or keyboard.

Dear friends, dear family, we hope this article will help you get what we do at Newzik and why we work so hard to get you the best app on the market.

Should you need further info about Newzik, ask my parents. Now they know!

(But if you can’t reach them, you can also visit our website).