3 iPad Music Libraries by Classical Publishers

by | Jul 27, 2017

It sometimes feels like the classical music publishing industry is stuck in the past. Luckily for 21st-century musicians, change is in the air. Major classical publishers are taking steps to adapt to the modern world by providing musicians with the tools they really want and need. The Newzik team has reviewed the iPad applications currently available on the market and selected its favorite three.

1. The Bärenreiter Study Score Reader App

Barenreiter iPad Tzigane Score Reader App

Bärenreiter Digital Score – Tzigane

This music library app is an ideal companion for conductors, pianists, choirs, string soloists, chamber music ensembles and music students. It is free to download and allows users to purchase a constantly growing selection of Bärenreiter’s classical music masterpieces, from Bach to Debussy. One huge benefit is that all the accompanying texts from the printed editions are available on the app.

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2. The Henle Library app

This free iPad app is ideal for pianists, string soloists, chamber music ensembles and music students. The app comes with a number of free editions, with the option to purchase further editions from the Henle catalog. The app’s strongest feature is that it allows musicians to view different fingerings for the same piece. It also boasts a one-click print feature – easily print out the pieces that you need with a single click. As an added bonus, the app will save you tons of money by letting you purchase just the part that you need without having to buy the complete score.

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Henle library app classical publisher music iPad score

G. Henle Digital Score – Violin Sonata

3. The Faber Music app – Mastering Piano with Lang Lang

faber app classical publisher music iPad score
Inside the Faber app – Unit 1
This iPad app is free to download and is ideal for piano students of varying levels, from elementary to intermediate. Alongside a broad range of carefully curated pieces, the app offers a selection of units which explore a particular area of piano technique and contain an exclusive coaching video from superstar concert pianist Lang Lang. Users also have the option to purchase additional units. The highlight of this app is its advanced level of interactivity, which allows users to play along by following the notes thanks to the built-in tracker.

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With this selection of exciting technical features, classical music publishing houses are clearly making an effort to adapt to the 21st century – and we couldn’t be happier! We’re hoping this trend will continue over the coming months, with publishers offering an ever-growing range of customized digital solutions to fit the needs of the modern musician.