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How to extract a passage from a Youtube video?

May 28, 2021

YouTube videos are a very useful resource for musicians. Whether you are a teacher, a member of an orchestra or opera, or a private musician, you have all used YouTube in your learning or career.

Whether it's videos of musicians playing, advice on materials or scores to play, it's a very complete tool.

However, it is not always necessary to watch the whole video. Sometimes only one or two extracts are interesting to use.

So that you can extract the passage you want, without any time limit and for free, download Hashcut.

This YouTube extension allows you to extract any part of your YouTube videos in less than 5 minutes!

What to do?

Once you have downloaded the extension and linked it to your YouTube account, select the URL of the video you wish to cut.

I chose the Newzik advice video about the different models of page-turning pedals. It is rather convenient to send only those models to undecided musicians that may interest them.

In your browser's search bar enter the following link:

You will find yourself on this page:


Enter the URL of your video in the dedicated space.

Click on the "Start recording" button.

Scroll to the end of the clip you are interested in and press the "End recording" button.

Click on "Save Hashcut" and save it in the form you want. You can also send it to anyone you like.

Pro tip: It is very useful to save the URL of your new video, you can send it to your musicians, students or members of your orchestra on the channel of your choice!



Margaux Desprez

Communication and content manager