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Newzik Guide: Initial Ipad Setup

This guide will help you get started with your iPads and set them up in an optimal way for musical practice and performance with Newzik.

1/ Apple IDs

It is necessary to connect all iPads to an Apple ID in order to download Apps and access all of iOS’s features. A maximum of 10 devices can be connected to the same Apple ID. For example, if you have 22 iPads, you will need at least 3 Apple IDs (10 + 10 + 2).

Using the same Apple IDs for several devices is useful to avoid having to create a high number Apple IDs (which can be time-consuming). However, there is a drawback to this which is important to be aware of: changes made to an Apple ID on one device (such as a password change) will affect all devices connected to the same Apple ID.

To create an Apple ID, you must first create an email address. We advise using Gmail.

Once this address has been created, click here and follow the instructions to create a new Apple ID.

Then, connect the devices to the newly created Apple ID, either from the initial setup screen (see next section) or by going to Settings > Apple ID (first option in the left-side menu).

Here is what the Settings App looks like:

Click here to connect to your Apple ID

2/ iPad Initial Setup

If an iPad is brand new or if has been reset, an initial set up is necessary before it can be used (a white screen with “Hello” written in several languages will pop up when turned on). If this is not the case, skip to the next section in this document.

  1. First, choose your language and your region (country). When the “Quick Start” screen appears, follow the instructions if you have already set up other iPads and that you wish to set up the new iPad with the same Apple ID. Otherwise, choose “Set Up Manually”.
  2. Select your WiFi network and enter its password.
  3. On the “Data and Privacy” screen, press “Continue”.
  4. Choose “Set up Touch ID Later” in the “Touch ID” screen.
  5. Create a Passcode.
  6. In “Apps & Data”, select “Don’t Transfer Apps & Data”.
  7. Connect the device to an Apple ID (see previous section).
  8. On the “Apple ID Security” screen, select “Other options” and “Do not upgrade”.
  9. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  10. Choose to install updates manually.
  11. Choose to enable location services.
  12. In “Apple Pay”, select “Set Up Later in Settings”.
  13. In “Siri”, select “Set Up Later in Settings”.
  14. In “Screen Time”, select “Set Up Later in Settings”.
  15. On the “iPad Analytics” screen, choose “Don’t Share”.
  16. Click on “Continue” in “True Tone Display”
  17. On the “Appearance” screen, select the desired appearance and press “Continue”
  18. Click on “Continue” on the three following screens
  19. Press “Get Started”

3/Optimal Settings for Performance

To ensure a focused and undisturbed performance experience, the iPads need to be set up in a certain way. All of the following settings are found in the Settings app.

In the “Notifications” menu, click “Show Previews” and select “Never”.

Note: Despite this precaution, some notifications cannot be avoided, namely those who pop up when the battery is under 20% and those stating that a new version of iOS is available. Thus, it is important to always check before performances that iPads are charged and that their version of iOS is up to date.

In the “Do not Disturb” menu, make sure the toggle is on (green), select “Always” under “Silence”, choose to allow calls from “No One” and disable Repeated Calls.

In “Siri & Search”, disable “Listen for Hey Siri”.

In “Touch ID and Passcode”, we recommend setting up a password that can be easily remembered by all musicians and crew (e.g. 000000). In “Require Passcode”, choose “Every 4 hours”. (Choosing to turn the Passcode off can lead to unwanted notifications at random times).

Finally, in “Photos”, disable “iCloud Photos” and “Shared Albums”.

All that is left to do now is to download Newzik from the App Store!

4/ iPad Reset

If you wish to reset an iPad (e.g. to give it to someone else), you will first have to sign out of the Apple ID. To do so, open the Settings App, click on the Apple ID at the top left-hand corner of the screen and click on “Sign Out” at the bottom of the screen.

Then, still in the Settings App, the “General” menu, select “Reset” at the bottom of the screen and click on “Erase all Content and Settings”.

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