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Turn off the light: how to switch Newzik to Dark Mode

Adding extra features with iOS shortcuts

07 May, 2021

In addition to the various possibilities for annotation, multimedia enrichment and easy page turning, a better legibility in all situations is one of the main advantages of using a tablet to read sheet music.

Indeed, the high contrast offered by the iPad or iPhone screen provides great reading comfort. However, this same contrast can sometimes become problematic in low light situations: it can cause temporary visual fatigue, and the sepia mode offered in Newzik's display settings is not always sufficient. We would prefer to be able to reduce this contrast, or even invert the colors of the score to make it easier to read, when playing in an opera pit for example.

Activate additional display modes on your iPad or iPhone

Did you know that you can do this by using the accessibility shortcuts on your iPad or iPhone to add additional display options?

To do this, go to the "Settings" app on your device, then to the "Accessibility" section. At the bottom is a menu called "Accessibility Shortcuts".

There are a number of options available to you, and all you have to do is press their names to make them available. Let's focus on these three: reduce white point, classic color inversion, and the smart color inversion. The icing on the cake is that once set, you can activate these options whenever you want by pressing the side button on your device three times (or the middle button for older devices).

Guide fr

1. Reduce White Point

This feature allows you to transition to off-white instead of plain white on your device without inverting colors or reducing brightness. You retain the benefit of your device's backlighting, while drastically reducing the resulting fatigue. Interesting right?

In addition to darkening the colours, this mode also makes texts bolder for improved legibility in lower light settings.

This is very useful if you are playing in a darker room, or in an orchestra pit for example. The light from the screens of the various iPads should not disturb the audience or the performance on stage, so it is useful to be able to dim the device without making it harder to read the notes.

2. Classic Invert

Let's move on to the classic color inversion. By activating this option, you invert all the colors of your device within the visual spectrum, with no exception. While this may be strange in some applications and for the general use of your device, in Newzik it allows you to create a "Dark Mode" in which your score will have a black background, and the musical elements will be white (notes, staves, rhythmic indications, etc...).

If the reduction of the white point is not sufficient, this option will solve the problem for sure! And after practicing with this for some time, you'll realise that it doesn't interfere with your reading at all. Try and see the result!

classic inversion

3. Smart Invert

To go even further, try smart invert. In Newzik, you will not see any difference between this and classic invert. In other apps however, as well as for the general use of your device, this option makes the result a little less "strange": the colors of your home screen, for example, will not be inverted, but rather modified for a more pleasant result, and it's very comfortable at night. On the other hand, the colors of your photos for example will not be modified.

I constantly use this mode to read newspaper articles in the evening, because it does not cause visual fatigue, and the documents or images retain their original color. An improved version of the classic inversion, in short.

smart invert

Stay tuned, more tips and tricks for Newzik using iOS shortcuts are coming very soon!



Margaux Desprez

Content & Communication Manager