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Newzik Talks: Max Ruisi from the 12 Ensemble

September 24th, 2020

On the occasion of the BBC Proms, the 12 ensemble used Newzik for a concert at the Royal Albert Hall with Laura Marling. Max Ruisi who is the co-founder and artistic director of this incredible orchestra told us about this very special concert, but also about their use of digital sheet music.

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The Newzik software is just so intuitive that you don’t even have to think about it.

When designing Newzik, the emphasis was laid on creating a user-friendly interface. Creating intuitive software was an obvious choice in development, because our goal is to make it available to as many musicians as possible and we know for a fact that not everyone has the same experience with using technology. “You can just forget about the fact that it is a software and concentrate on the music”, Max told us. Being able to forget the material side of music really helps you to create, rehearse and perform better.

Normally two people would share a music stand but we couldn’t do that this time because of social distancing

In those trying times, using solutions like Newzik has become more relevant than ever. The 12 Ensemble used it with foot pedals for page turning in order to respect the new norms of social distancing. Indeed, usually two musicians share one stand for one simple reason: one can turn pages while the other keeps playing in order to avoid holes in the performance. With Newzik, each member of the 12 Ensemble could have their own stand and turn pages hands-free, solving this issue all musicians face at some point and making the performance seamless.

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We could quickly airdrop things to each other, make changes from the main dropbox, we could write notes and have them go to everyone else.

Here Max Ruisi underlines the collaborative features of the Newzik App. On the one hand, the integration in the app of tools such as Google Drive, AirDrop, or Dropbox makes rehearsing much easier. On the other hand, with Newzik you can share parts and annotations with your fellow musicians, making it once again easier to work with others even though you’re one meter apart or not even in the same room… or the same country for that matter.

Because of social distancing, there would have been so many music stands that it would have looked quite messy.

Esthetics may not be your first concern when it comes to musical performance. However, it is true that the big traditional music stand is not the most beautiful item on a stage. One of the advantages of using an iPad is that the different stands you can use are much more discreet and don’t hide the musicians when they perform. It was very important to Max Ruisi, but we’ve come to understand that it is very important for many of our users as well.

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