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How to teach online piano lessons ?

"For an effective online piano lesson, the teacher and the students need to be able to see and hear each other clearly.

The teacher needs to be able to play and show examples on the piano and the teacher needs to be able to see and hear what the student is doing in response.

And in a more advanced setting, the teacher will be able to show multiple angles, not just from the side, but ideally also from above, and also perhaps show examples from the music itself, particularly if they want to write in fingerings, annotate notes, or make any other kinds of graphical markings on the music just like you would with pencil on the sheet music paper for a student but of course, transmitted over the internet."

Here are the words of pianist Hugh Sung, passionate about combining worlds of technology and piano whose goal is to share his expertise with the music teaching community.

Hugh Sung offered Newzik the chance to share his wonderful tutorial article called "How To Teach Online Piano Lessons" and to translate the whole version in French.

The article is split into three parts :

  1. Level 1: Basic Online Piano Lesson
  2. Level 2: Basic Multi-Camera Online Piano Lesson
  3. Level 3: Advanced Online Piano Lesson Setup

As a Newzik user, Hugh also explains in the last part the great advantages of using Newzik with Zoom and sharing digital markings with their students.

To read the full article, there's just one step : please click here.

Happy reading!

If you wish, you can directly watch the entire tutorial video by clicking below :

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Hugh Sung

Professional pianist and online course specialist