The Best Music Apps for Performing Musicians

by | Jul 11, 2017

With the invention of the smartphone, technology has found its way into the palm of our hands; literally. So with vast amounts of applications flooding the market, what’s in it for performing musicians? The answer is: everything they need to perform at their best, in every possible situation.

We’ve listed below our favorite applications to accompany musicians in rehearsals, live performances, for teaching purposes or while practicing at home. All of those applications are convenient, cost-effective, user-friendly and compatible with iPhones and iPads.

If you are using other helpful applications on your smartphone, feel free to share them with our community!

1. Tuner Apps

cleartune app tuner performing musician iPhone


This chromatic tuner and tone generating application allows users to tune their instrument quickly and accurately. It offers a variety of pitch and temperament settings – one of its star features – and provides a large, clear display that is easy to see from a distance. Cleartune offers a simple and user-friendly design, without loosing out on efficiency and accuracy.

Download the Cleartune app

iStrobosoft tuner app performing musician metronome


Developed by Peterson, famous in the music world for making high-end strobe tuning equipment, this app is the most expensive among our selection, justified by the vast amount of features offered. iStroboSoft is sensitive to a wide range of pitches (including the whole range of a harp) and offers both an input boost and a noise filter. The noise filter is the application’s true selling point, as it reacts only to the user, even while playing in close proximity to other musicians (as in orchestra rehearsals, for example).

Download the iStroboSoft app

tonalenergy app tuner performing musician


This all-in-one application is a tuner, a tone generator and a metronome.
TonalEnergy is highly pitch-sensitive, allows users to record while using the tuner or metronome, and offers a wide range of features including a temperament setting, notation options and Bluetooth support. However, its best feature – and the reason why we love TonalEnergy so much – is that it allows users to select one specific sound from a large variety of high-quality multi-sampled instrument sounds for symphonic instruments. Brilliant!

Download the TonalEnergy app

2. Metronome Apps

metronome pro app performing musician tuner


The Pro Metronome application offers several ways to experience beats. The free version only includes sound, whereas the pro version comes with visual, flash, vibrate and airplay modes. Pro metronome supports a host of secondary features such as background play mode, in-app volume adjustments and the ability to save playlists and share them with friends. The highlight of this application has to be the polyrhythms feature, which allows users to superimpose two rhythm tracks.

Download the Pro Metronome app

polynome metronome app smartphone performing musician


This application offers full drum grooves and allows users to create set lists, save presets and share them with friends. Users can also download new presets and playlists from a public library.

Download the PolyNome app

metronome+ music app performing records


The Metronome+ application offers four new modes that allow users to record, play pitches, and create a set list with custom settings, among other cool features. What we truly like here is the option to program the application so it will increase the tempo and track repetition during difficult passages. Metronome+ is a simple, accurate, elegant and easy-to-use metronome application, with a beautifully uncluttered interface.

Download the Metronome+ app

3. Audio Recorders Apps

voice record memos app iPhone performing musician tuner metronome


The built-in Voice Memos feature is totally free and allows users to record any audio on their iPhone. The great things about this interface are its editing and sharing capabilities.
The voice memos feature is so handy, and it actually gives you a very, very good quality recording. It’s good for when you want to get a little bit of feedback.