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The Flight Case for iPads built for orchestras

October 8th, 2019

After years of immersion in orchestras and opera houses, with many of them transitioning to iPads, we realized that there was a real need for hardware that could securely store, charge and move a fleet of iPads around in rehearsal rooms as well as on tour.

Through our exhaustive research, it came out that most of the existing options available on the market were too heavy and space-consuming, making it too complicated to move them around from one place to another.

That is why we decided to create the first iPad flight case suited to orchestral needs, built in collaboration with Rythmes&Sons, the French specialists in this field.

This brand-new model can store up to 40 iPads which can be charged all at once.

Its movable separators make the flight case compatible with all existing iPad models.

The additional accessory compartment allows you to store a lot of other things — pedals, pencils, Wi-Fi routers, etc. The two fans provide adequate air circulation so you can charge the iPads safely, and the flight case can be locked with a passcode for charging overnight.

Oh, and in order to lower energy consumption, both sides of the flight case are independent so you can decide to only charge 20 iPads at once if that is all you need.

With the unique goal in mind to simplify the daily work of stage managers, the flight-case is exactly 1.20m-wide, a standard dimension which will make it fit conveniently in most trucks, and it can be tipped for semi-permanent use in the rehearsal room or placed horizontally in the truck thanks to its 4 heavy-duty wheels with individual breaks. Moreover, this flight case can be piled up with others at no risk. Its robust wooden structure provides perfect protection and durability for your equipment, yet maintains the weight as low as possible, about 30% less than existing products on the market.

We are very proud of this flight case, and we think it will greatly improve the workflow of digital orchestras.

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