The French Grammies orchestra goes digital with Newzik

A TV Orchestra enjoying transposable scores with Newzik

The 33rd Victoires de la Musique awards were held on February 9, 2018. The ceremony took place at the Seine Musicale concert hall and was presented by British artist Sting, who acted as honorary president. As partners of the event, Newzik equipped the 35 musicians of the Orchestre des Victoires with iPads and Bluetooth pedals, for more than four hours of live music. Directed by Paul Rouger, the orchestra performed alongside the artists that were nominated for an award.

The evening was intense and full of grandeur; from the consecration of a new generation of French artists (Bigflo & Oli, Eddy de Pretto, Louane...), to the recognition of Charlotte Gainsbourg and Orelsan, and a tribute to deceased music legends France Gall and Johnny Hallyday.

With close to five hours of music broadcasted live on television and the radio, the preparation and execution of an award show such as the Victoires can be extremely challenging. It was therefore extremely important that the musicians learn to work with Newzik as quickly as possible in order to fully benefit from the advantages digital scores have to offer.

Rehearsals started one week before the ceremony, and our team was on site to support the musicians from day one, as most of them had never worked with digital scores. However, the benefits of using Newzik were immediately apparent. The orchestra was far more efficient during rehearsals and benefited from the incredible adaptability of working with digital scores in the MusicXML format.

Thanks to this technology, musicians were given a reactive tool that could adapt to programming changes in real time - an undeniable advantage when performing a live show, broadcasted on television, with dozens of artists and as many potential disasters waiting to happen!


Since 1985, the Victoires de la Musique, the French equivalent of the Grammies, award artists, singers and musicians, overviewed by the Ministry of Culture. Three different evenings broadcasted in live both on the television and radio, dedicated to classical music, jazz, and variety.

“Replacing stress with comfort”

“I had heard about digital scores and thought it would be a great idea to use them for the Victoires. Working with digital scores is much more comfortable than using paper, both in terms of reading and turning pages. It takes very little time to become familiar with the software, and we found it to be extremely flexible and efficient; it saved us a significant amount of time. The Newzik team were incredibly engaged, available and pedagogical. To sum up: it’s definitely an experience I would like to repeat!”

Paul Rouger, Chef d’orchestre

“Fun and easy to use!”

“I discovered a digital score format that is so enjoyable to work with! The benefit of being able to correct and annotate scores is immediate, there are no more scores trailing all over the floor, and a significant amount of time is gained by not having to wait for new copies to be sent off. I am personally considering buying and working with an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil; in the long run, they may become the new standard.”

Jean-Philippe Fanfant, Batteur

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