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Youtube Hack: How to download any Youtube video?

Mar 08, 2021

How many times have you dreamed of being able to download a YouTube video, or to extract the audio from this video to reuse it somewhere else?

We recently learned how to share youtube videos without ads, but in this article we are going to see how you can convert a youtube video to .mp4 and download it as well as extract the audio from a youtube video and save it as .mp3.

With this new tip, you will finally be able to download any YouTube video on the device of your choice!

To do this you have to add the three letters “pwn” before the word “youtube” in the URL and choose the option you prefer for download.

Let’s try it together!

Here is a video that introduces the Newzik App and how it works :

Now it’s the same video with the “pwn” hack – click on this link:

You will be redirected to this page :

Top 9 reasons why you should use digital sheet music

Downloading any YouTube content as a video file

To download any YouTube content and save it as a .MP4 file, you can use any of the services listed under the first category: “Download this video as FLV or MP4 file”, but I advise you to use KeepVid. It’s very quick, easy and reliable.

Top 9 reasons why you should use digital sheet music

Click on the red button “download video” and wait a few seconds: that’s it! Your video has been saved on your local computer.

You want to save your file as an audio?

Again, any option in the second category would work but for the best result, I recommend you to use the second option in the list:

Top 9 reasons why you should use digital sheet music

Click on the button “convert”. Wait a few seconds, and there you go: you can save the audio from any YouTube video (up to 1-hour length) to your computer as a MP3 file.

That’s it! See? It’s as easy as it gets!

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Margaux Desprez

Content and communication manager