How to prevent ads when sharing YouTube videos

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How to share YouTube videos with no ads?

Feb 25, 2021

How to block ads from appearing when sharing a YouTube video?

Youtube is a real treasure for teachers nowadays. There are a lot of different kinds of videos available for young and old alike. You can find a huge variety of content on many topics, including incredibly useful resources for teaching and practicing music.

As a music teacher, YouTube has grown into an absolutely amazing place to find educational content for children. Unfortunately, the fame has also brought some downsides to the platform.

Youtube has become the playground for media and advertising. If you haven’t subscribed to the premium version, you are sure to always have to watch an ad before you can see the video you have chosen.

Of course, you don’t get to pick the ads you’re subject to. And the least we can say is that some of them are unsuitable for children. This makes using YouTube with young children a little less ideal obviously, and some schools even forbid using the platform because of this reason.

But what if there was a way to make sure children do not get subjected to disturbing ads when sharing content from the platform?

Well, it seems like there is – at least for now.

This hack may not last long, but at the moment all you need to do is add a hyphen (“-”) between the "t" and the "u" of the word “youtube” in the URL of the video you want to share.

When children click on this modified link, they will not only view the content with no prior ads, but also it will be displayed in full screen right away. Cool right?

Here’s an example: 👉 The video “What is Newzik” is on Youtube, in a standard size, and you may see an ad when you click on it. 👉 Here is the same link, modified as explained, in full screen and without any ads!

Cool right? Now you can safely share educational content you found on YouTube with children, without worrying about them being subjected to potentially innapropriate ads.

One more thing: make sure you use this trick wisely. The content producers on YouTube who make these videos you love and find so useful most often rely on the ads to monetize the content they produce.

So while we encourage you to use this trick in order to keep kids safe, maybe consider watching the ads yourself to support content producers. Or support them another way, such as using affiliate links or financing their work on platforms such as Patreon.



Paul Leverger

Chief Marketing Officer