Newzik Collection: Brass

Start building your Newzik library and discover the app with our selection of free digital sheet music for brass.

The Newzik Blog is full of free sheet music that you can use to start building your library, or grow it if you are already a seasoned Newzician. Give our tools a try with these easy free scores for Eb and Bb instruments.

These pieces are intended to give you a good sense of the benefits of digital scores, so they are optimized for Newzik and several have automated page turns or have been enriched with media files. Pick the ones you want and get started with Newzik right away!

If you are not a Newzician yet and would like to access these scores, simply download Newzik for free from the App Store!

Explore the collection

St James Infirmary


A traditional American song made famous by Louis Armstrong. Enjoy the flexibility of MusicXML scores and transpose it for any instrument!

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Minuet in G

Johann Sebastian Bach

Play alone or in duet with this famous minuet dance from Johann Sebastian Bach, composed in 1725, in this special arrangement for two trumpets.

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Paper Doll

Johnny S. Black

Discover the melody of this jazz standard in musicXML format and enjoy the transposition tools of Newzik to play it in any key.

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I Got Rhythm

George Gershwin

Give life to this dancing melody made famous by the movie “An American in Paris“. The MusicXML format will let you transpose this for any instrument while you enjoy the swinging backing track.

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We hope you liked this brass collection and will have a great time with the app!