Newzik Collection: Guitar

Start building your Newzik library and discover the app with our selection of free digital sheet music and tabs for guitar.

The Newzik Blog is full of free sheet music that you can use to start building your library, or grow it if you are already a seasoned Newzician. Guitarists will love this selection of free guitar pieces that we prepared for them.

These pieces are intended to give you a good sense of the benefits of digital scores, so they are optimized for Newzik and several have automated page turns or have been enriched with media files. Pick the ones you want and get started with Newzik right away!

If you are not a Newzician yet and would like to access these scores, simply download Newzik for free from the App Store!

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Asturias (Leyenda)

Isaac Albéniz

The first transcription for guitar of this piece – originally composed for piano in 1892 – is usually attributed to Francisco Tárrega. Use it to learn about the jump feature in Newzik!

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Spanish Romance


Despite a lot of research, the composer of this guitar masterpiece remains unknown. An exquisite piece to (re)discover in Newzik, just for you and your guitar.

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Traditional folk song

The first version of this English traditional tune dates back to as early as 1580, but it never got old! Enjoy the MIDI file to play along and improvise with the backing track.

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Francisco Tárrega

Lágrima is a relatively easy piece that will nevertheless require some left-hand precision to transmit its contrasted emotions. Includes a corresponding MIDI file.

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We hope you like this guitar collection and have a great time with the app!