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8 music teacher groups to join on Facebook

Monday, June 21, 2021

The world of music education has changed a lot recently. The teaching community is growing and becoming more diverse every day. Learning methods have changed a lot.

Teachers share their advice on how to adapt lessons to students, they share different exercises they find interesting, good tips or advice on teaching materials.

For this purpose, different Facebook groups have emerged that allow teachers to express themselves freely and to benefit from the experience and expertise of teachers from all over the world.

Among the groups below, you will find groups on different subjects: digital and music, groups for international teachers or specialised training courses to discover.

International Music Teachers EXchange : 10,4 K members

The main objectives of this Facebook group are to create an international network for music teachers and to facilitate an active and rewarding exchange of excellent and useful teaching ideas.

It is a real free exchange group where music teachers from all over the world can share and discuss their ideas about teaching and performing, exchange resources, share their own compositions and videos of their students or those of great performers playing the students' literature, and other forms of support for the worldwide community of interested and dedicated music teachers.

Music Teachers : 37,1 K members

Once again, this group emphasises the exchange and sharing between music teachers.

The aim here is to promote discussion around teaching so that everyone can benefit from each other’s experiences and enrich their teaching and musical culture.

Membership of this group is limited to private, public and studio teachers (over 18 years of age) and to students in initial training in music education.


This music teacher/student discussion forum is provided for teachers and students to ask questions and seek help from others when faced with dead ends or lack of inspiration for their music lessons.

Free Digital Teacher Resources : 16,1 K members

It is a place to share free digital resources with other educators, or to ask other educators for their ideas and/or opinions on resources, ideas or strategies.

Digital Music Masters : 8,4 K members

This group is here to help you improve your music production, mixing, songwriting and music theory.

Ask all your questions. Get help from teachers who have experience and advice. Keep up to date with the latest course news.

“We want to make this group a safe and educational place for musicians and producers to learn new skills!”

Music Teacher Resources

This Facebook group is the page of a training website for music teachers. Subscribe to their page to learn more about the world of music teaching and to find out more about the different training courses that exist to improve your music teaching! Here is the link to their website!

Primary Music Teachers Sharing Ideas : 4,8 K members

If you want to share your ideas for involving your students and supporting or being supported as student teachers, you have come to the right place!

Music Teachers helping Music Teachers : 1,4 K members

This is a place where people ask for help, so don’t hesitate to offer your help when you can. Sharing resources is very important! On the other hand, you should be careful not to give out information that is not relevant to the world of music education.

What are you waiting to join them? They are waiting for you!

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