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How to organize a livestream concert?

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

The acceleration of vaccination worldwide means that concert halls in most countries can be expected to reopen soon.

But for many musicians, virtual live productions (livestream concerts) are still the only viable solution to maintaining the link with their audience.

Numerous virtual live concerts have been organized over the past few months. Very quickly, these concerts have become real shows that deserve to be noticed!

Perhaps you are thinking about it yourself. But how do you go about it?

An online concert follows the same steps as a physical concert: selling tickets, booking a venue, an electric atmosphere, incredible performances, etc…

Here are three tips for organizing a successful remote event.

Book your venue and sell your tickets with Music Traveler

Music Traveler is a platform that helps musicians from all over the world to ease the organisation of their concerts. It helps them find the right venue and manage the organisation of their performance.

The idea is simple: on the one hand, it simplifies the organisation of concerts for musicians, and on the other hand, MusicTraveler allows you to rent out your own spaces to other musicians in order to earn extra income.

The platform takes into account all the steps you need: the concert, but also the rehearsals, setting up ticket sales, finding the ideal venue, etc.

Rehearse alone or in a group from a distance with Newzik

Newzik is the only collaborative platform that allows you to manage all your scores in a digital way, to collaborate in real time with other musicians during your rehearsals by sharing your pieces and annotations, and to perform on stage with confidence thanks to optimized software performances.

You can easily add your scores to the platform in many different ways, from bulk import. inyour computer to using the integrated scanner in the iOS app, and once they are there you can use powerful artificial intelligence technology to convert them into interactive LiveScores that you can listen to, speed up, slow down or transpose.

Thus, Newzik is an excellent tool for working on your scores at home before rehearsals, with a backing track as if your band were present, and then the app accompanies you on stage for an incomparable reading comfort.

Try 7 days for free!

Get the scores you need via Scodo

Scodo is an easy-to-use and flexible web-based tool for publishing your scores. You can submit a work to Scodo’s editorial board, and thus get published by the prestigious Viennese company Universal Edition.

Beyond the prestige, this offers you access to a large distribution network, whether in paper or digital format: you can buy all the material in the Scodo catalogue in digital format and receive it instantly in Newzik, while respecting 100% the rights and remuneration of the authors.

Of course, this also makes Scodo the place to go when you’re looking for quality digital scores for your next event. Any score listed on Scodo can be bought digitally and received immediately in your Newzik library, so you don’t have to pay extra shipping and wait for the delivery.

Think about it when choosing your scores for your next online concert!

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