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How to send a video at a specific time?

Monday, May 31, 2021

Do you often share your YouTube videos? It is very frequent that musicians, teachers to students or choirmasters to opera singers share videos of advice or concerts.

Sometimes you want to send your video at a very specific time because you are not interested in the first 45 minutes!

But how to do it?

It’s very simple! To start your video at a very specific time, all you have to do is change its URL and indicate the exact time you want it to start.

Let’s do it together:

A music teacher recently asked me for advice on teaching music at a distance. The problem was not how to hold a class or choose a medium, but how to create interactive exercises during a video conference course. I then sent him the link to the replay of the session we made with Hugh Sung “Teaching & Collaborating with Digital Scores

. The video is divided into several parts. In order not to have to watch the whole video, I have added an appropriate time indicator at the end of the URL. This gives the following link:

The m stands for minutes and the s for seconds of the passage you want to share.

You can send your link to anyone you like, they will always arrive at the 16 minute and 12 second mark.

It’s up to you!

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Margaux Desprez

Content & Communication Manager