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Top 9 projects where music meets Artificial Intelligence

Friday, May 7, 2021

Artificial intelligence is slowly making its way into the world of music and it’s producing some very interesting results! Here is a list of our 9 favourite projects where artificial intelligence meets the world of music.

1. The 10th symphony of Beethoven

From the few notes and diagrams left by the composer before his death, a team of researchers and musicologists, with the help of artificial intelligence, have set themselves the goal of reconstructing what might have been the 10th symphony of Beethoven. Stay tuned, you will very (very) soon know more about it.

2. An artificial intelligence finished the 10th symphony of Mahler

Just that…

For almost 110 years, this symphony by the Austrian composer remained unfinished. An artificial intelligence has finally succeeded in proposing a few tracks that could complete the piece.

Of course, the software cannot reproduce the emotion created by the artist more than a century ago, but it let us imagined what could have been the end of this masterpiece so hated by its author.

3. Once upon a time, a violinist, a composer and a robot

Violinist Hilary Hahn and composer David Lang set out to compose a new piece in collaboration with an artificial intelligence. The composer and the software divided the work equally, each composed half of the piece and the result was very impressive!

4. How music and AI help us understanding spiders

Markus Bühler, an engineer at MIT, is investigating the sounds that spider webs can make and how this allows insects without ears to communicate. With his team and artificial intelligence software, they have created an algorithm that qualifies the different activities of spiders according to the frequencies of its web and are looking for a way to contact them.

5. AIVA, the artificial intelligence able to produce orchestral music

AIVA is a virtual composer capable of reproducing musical works thanks to a computer that records and analyses each sound emitted by the instruments. It learns and reproduces. The objective of this software is to be able to compose film music and advertising sounds in a very short time.

But the creators themselves acknowledge that a robot will never be able to reproduce the emotions of a piece of music composed by a human.

6. Hearing colors, seeing sounds: the masterpiece of Kandinsky

“Kandinsky heard an organ and felt a celestial, almost supernatural feeling… When painting yellow, he heard the sound of a trumpet and related it to a more brazen, impertinent emotion."

This is how Pierre Caessa describes the virtual exhibition he has created in February 2021 around the synesthete painter Vassily Kandinsky.

What kind of noise do you think blue makes?

7. Avatars making concerts online during Covid

The current health context has pushed many artists to reinvent themselves and explore new ways of performing.

What does that look like?

The creation of avatars of known and unknown artists who put themselves on stage and organise real show case.

8. The 27 Club and AI

They were gone too soon and yet they never really left us. The Over The Bridge organisation has passed on 30 songs from each of these icons to an algorithm to compose songs in the artists' styles. To find out more about the operation, just click here.

9. An artificial intelligence managed to end the 8th symphony of Schubert

Chinese communications and information technology company Huawei has set itself the task of completing the 8th symphony of Schubert, started in 1822.

It’s amazing!

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