Newzik is the next generation score reading app enhancing the way you rehearse and perform. Discover here everything you can do with Newzik.



Newzik allows you to import several files into the same piece.

You can then easily access any part within the same piece or create different versions.


Share in real time your annotations and edits to your group.

Connect your screens to enable one leader to turn pages for the whole group.


Newzik is the only reader that allows you to import all the standard music formats.

Read PDF, MusicXML and text files and combine them with audio or video files!


Your library is always saved on our own server, meaning you will never lose your data.

Access and manage your digital library from any iOS device – iPhone or iPad!

Import files of any format

To import your sheet music into Newzik and build your own digital library, you can use:


-Google Drive

-Your Mailbox

Coming soon: One Drive, Box, iCloud

Access to thousands of IMSLP scores

IMSLP is the largest online database of public domain sheet music.

From Newzik, you can access the whole IMSLP database for free and directly import all the scores you find into your personal digital library.

Build setlists 

Organize your titles into customized setlists.

Sort your titles and setlists manually or alphabetically.

Easily move pieces from one setlist to another.

Adjust your PDF scores

With Newzik you will have a place to organize and adjust all your PDF scores: crop, reorder pages, change the background into Sepia, turn it into a 2-page landscape mode and much more!

Edit your MusicXML score layout

Newzik has developed the best flexible MusicXML render currently available on the app market. Here is what you can do with MusicXML scores: on the spot transposition, smart zoom, staff selections, tempo management… Import your scores from notation software like Sibelius or Finale and discover the future of sheet music!

Read-off dynamic .txt files 

By simply copying/pasting from any source or import .TXT files, you can:

Edit: through our text editor, re-arrange your lyrics and chords directly from Newzik.

Transpose: choose your target key and transpose your chords.

Practice: clicking on a chord will display the finger positions on a keyboard or fretboard.

Use our digital annotation toolbox

Newzik has developed a full range of digital annotation tools based on a deep analysis of a musician’s daily needs:

– Pencil and Highlighter

– Pre-designed music symbols

– Text insertion

On top of that, you can create multiple layers of annotations to collaborate on the same part!

Synchronize your scores with a media file

Newzik has built a powerful tool to let you synchronize your scores or lyrics with other media such as audio or video (including Youtube Links!).

Create augmented content for your rehearsal or personalized play-alongs.

Turn pages hands-free 

Newzik allows you to turn your pages the way you want.

– Use a Bluetooth foot pedal to keep your hands free

– Build play-alongs and enjoy automatic page turns

Send, share and export your content 

At anytime you can send your titles and setlists via email.

You can also export your scores into PDF file and keep all your annotations.