Newzik supports music education during Covid-19

In difficult times, we must all give a hand. For all music schools and teachers who need to work remotely with their students during the Covid-19 crisis, we provide free access to Newzik Premium and training for those who need it.

Free access for music education

Across the world, many music education institutions have been closed by the authorities as part of the fight against the coronavirus. While this was obviously the right decision to make to protect everyone’s health, it has created a difficult situation for many teachers and students who lack efficient tools to practice music. Online music teaching is now the only way of maintaining the link between music teachers and their students.

In this regard, Newzik constitutes an amazing solution you can use as a music teacher to manage and collaborate on sheet music with your students. With the Newzik app, you can easily import all your teaching material, organize it into setlists or create collaborative Projects to share content in real-time with your students. Edit your sheet music with a professional set of tools, add audio or video to your exercises, and visualize your students’ markings remotely.

We believe it is our mission to do everything we can to help music education during this period. This is why we have decided to provide all music teachers and students with Premium access to the Newzik app for free until June 30th. We will also provide free training resources to those who need it.

If you are a music teacher or music student and want free access to Newzik Premium, follow these 4 simple steps. Of course, if you have any questions you can contact us at

Step 1: download the Newzik app and create your account.

To join this free access program, begin by downloading Newzik for free from the App Store, and create your account.

Important: make sure you create your account using the Newzik login, not Apple or Facebook login. This is required for the next step.

Step 2: sign-up for the free access program.

Make sure to provide the email address associated with the Newzik account you just created.

Within the next 48 hours, we will activate your Premium access so that you can import all your content with no limitations and create Projects.

In the meantime, you can discover the app using the free version (limited to 15 imported files, no Projects) to explore the different features.

Step 3: learn how to use the app and build your library.

Get free content for your library

We have tons of resources to help you get started with the app. First of all, you can start by creating your first piece either by scanning paper sheet music, importing PDF or musicXML files from your personal Drive, or by picking the pieces you want from our collection of free digital sheet music optimized for the app.

Learn how to use the app

If you wonder how to do something in the Newzik app, you can watch our video tutorials on YouTube, or read our User Guide.

Of course, you can also reach out to us: our team will be happy to help.

Step 4: spread the word and join the Newzik community!

Tens of thousands of musicians across the world use Newzik on a daily basis, so to help you all exchange ideas, tips and tricks, we created the Newzik Users Community on Facebook. Join it today to become a part of this amazing community!

You can also help your colleagues and friends by telling them about Newzik on social media. How about sharing this page with your fellow music teachers ? 💡

Bonus: discover complementary tools for remote teaching.

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Get your teaching to the next level.

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