Conductors and players may have different daily tasks, yet they are all part of the same goal.
By going digital, these tasks can now be accomplished with greater speed and ease unparalleled to traditional paper scores.

Access all of your scores – anytime, anywhere

You’re traveling every week or touring around the world. Often you may have to pay for extra luggage space for all of your heavy binders. With Newzik, you will have all of your scores right at your fingertips.

Moreover, all your content is backed-up in our cloud, which means that you can retrieve all of your scores from any iPad no matter where in the world you are.

Organize your digital library

You need to compile all of your chamber music pieces. Normally you would have to select them one by one from the different places they are located. But with Newzik you can simply create a setlist called “Chamber Music” and in this list store all of your pieces for easy access.

Easy access to your parts and/or full score

With Newzik all of the different musical parts of each musician, are available within the same screen: any musician can see the others’ parts with just one click.

The part system can also be used for a conductor who needs to compare different versions of the same piece.

Be at the same page  

You’re in a rehearsal, the conductor wants to go from eight bars after letter B. He pauses while everyone finds letter B, counts eight bars, and gets ready.

With Newzik the conductor touches the score at the place that he or she wants to start, and all parts instantly align to that place, it is marked clearly, and the rehearsal proceeds without delay, and without any chance that some people are in the wrong place.

Read-off clean and clear scores

You’ve just received a scribbled rented score and need to work on it. 

With Newzik you can easily erase your annotations in one click. Then use colors, highlighters, and pre-designed stamps without damaging the original score.

You can also adapt the luminosity of the iPad, and change the background color of your digital score into Sepia or Black. This makes for much better light and is easier on the eyes as well.

Send or receive bowings and mark-ups instantaneously

You’re in rehearsals, the Concertmaster makes bowing markings for the entire section. You’re located 3 ranges behind and struggle reading his annotation. Too late, the music is starting again…

With Newzik, the whole orchestra can instantly receive the Concert master’s annotation layer, containing the bowing. Each musician still has his own annotation layer for personal notes.

Turn pages hands-free

You’re having a hard time with a transition and with the added stress of the performance, your hand sends the score to the floor. 

By going digital you can avoid this scenario by using a Bluetooth Foot Pedal. This way you will never have to touch your score while playing.

No more noise or wind during performances

No more sound of page turning: our App is silent and the elimination of noise during a page turn is a real victory!

No more unwanted page turns because of the wind: with iPads, your digital score is rock solid!

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