Librarians are at the heart of any orchestra and carry many daily and important tasks. By going digital, these tasks can now be accomplished with great speed and ease in a way that is unparalleled by traditional paper scores.

Mess sheet music scores on the floor and the table

Build a Digital Music Library

Before every program, the librarian has to organize the parts of all the relevant pieces and make a folder for each instrument. Very often the same pieces will be repeated in several different programs. 

With Newzik, the digital content can be organized into a specific works list. Every piece can be organized as a set of parts including all the instruments in the piece. In addition, the librarian can make setlists for different programs and include those repeated pieces if necessary with ease.

Requiem sheet music old score annotations bowing

No more bowing copying 

There are two great benefits for librarians that change the game completely, so the librarian no longer needs to be involved in the process of copying bowings. The collaborative feature allows for the whole orchestra to access the entire set of parts and to be synchronized with any changes that the orchestral leader makes in real-time during the rehearsal.

The layers feature allows the section to be synchronized on one hand, and use an individual layer on the other. For example, all the players in the section can see the leader’s layer including his bowings, and at the same time separated have their own personal layer including all the fingerings and annotations needed.

iPad high resolution screen sheet music

Improve sheet music readability 

Very often the librarian is required to make a new part. Whether it’s enlarging it, or simply adjusting the brightness or timbre of the paper, it all depends on the requirements of the player.

With Newzik, there is more than one solution to enlarge a score and to alter the visibility. The first is to crop the pages directly from within Newzik. The second is to use the landscape mode according to the preference of the player. To alter color and brightness Newzik offers a sepia mode which allows for quick and easy adjustments.

clean score old music sheet paper

Clean-up the music 

Old traditional scores that are currently being used have been passed along for decades, often leaving the pages in a bad condition. Pages are falling apart, the corners are filthy, and you can see where the old annotations and bowings have been scribbled and then erased again.

With Newzik this is a thing of the past. Enjoy new fresh clean content that can be imported, create and save as many versions of the same piece as you would like, each and every one with different and non-destructive annotations.

editing cuts music sheet score

Edit the PDF music

One of the librarian’s missions is marking cuts. Sometimes the editing process of the cuts can be complicated and will require significant “surgery” to the score, including scissors and scotch tape (each instrument has its own layout).

With a little help from software such as Photoshop, the librarian can make a clean version with the cuts, reorder pages, and more. In addition, edited versions of the piece can be done with a notation software and then imported into Newzik as MusicXML files.

scores Berlioz concerto sheet music

Store the music

On a daily basis, the librarian has to print, copy, and carry a lot of heavy sheet music around.

But now ALL these mundane tasks can be replaced by going digital. The content is stored in our cloud (server) and is available anytime, anywhere, regardless of any specific device. No need to print copy or bind, just import the relevant score or part and organize it into your new digital library.

boxes storage place score sheet music

Easily distribute the music material 

Forget about shipping and deadlines. Now the librarian can receive, send and share material by e-mail, and then organize it in the digital library.

For the first time, renting scores has become easy and there is very little need to deal with publishers anymore. Scores are instantly available and rented scores automatically expire.

In the future, the librarian will also be able to purchase content in the Newzik store.