“Today, most orchestras do not benefit from technology advancements”

Newzik was born out of passionate musicians coming together to solve a shared concern: orchestras today don’t benefit from advancements in technology.

Switching from paper to digital scores will save orchestras precious time and resources.

It will relieve librarians from spending days copying bows manually on musicians scores. It will prevent musicians from reading outdated and erased scores and eliminate the stress of page-turning. It will save world-class conductors from traveling regularly with thousands of paper pages in their luggage.

In the last years, we at Newzik have worked hard,  listening to the needs of musicians and orchestras, to create a platform that answers a single mission: creating a reliable tool that overcomes the limitations of paper scores while at the same time exploiting all of its benefits.

Now is the time for orchestras to join the digital revolution. The inevitable transition to digital has to be led carefully, taking into account each orchestras’ specific needs.


The Newzik team is made up of passionate musicians and experienced entrepreneurs. We all work hard behind the scene to develop what we believe is the best tool in the world of digital music score readers, and to assist musicians in joining this wonderful revolution.

Raphael Schumann CEO Newzik sheet music reader iPad

Raphaël Schumann
Co-Founder &
Chief Executive Officer

Aurelia Azoulay head of business development orchestra iPad digital scores

Aurélia Azoulay-Guetta
Head of Business Development

pierre Mardon chief technical officer CTO developer founder

Pierre Mardon
Co-Founder &
Chief Technical Officer

Paul Leverger COO logistics TV pop music

Paul Leverger
Chief Marketing Officer

Dragan Petrovic iOS developer musicXML iPad sheet music

Félix Banvillet
Publisher Relations 

Dragan Petrovic iOS developer musicXML iPad sheet music

Marin Fauvel
Operations Manager

Matthieu bouillaud iOS developer technology mobile

Jean-Lou Hubert
Product Manager

Myriam Lasseri Chariman

Kristyna Sehnalova
Administrative Manager

Matthieu bouillaud iOS developer technology mobile

Matthieu Bouillaud
iOS Developer

jean-louis darmon iOS developer iPad sheet music

Jean-Louis Darmon
iOS Developer

Dragan Petrovic iOS developer musicXML iPad sheet music

Dragan Petrovic
iOS Developer

Matan Daskal product manager conductor iPad

Matan Daskal
Musical Advisor

Jean-Louis Lasseri lawyer investor founder iPad sheet music

Jean-Louis Lasseri
Founder & Chairman