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Newzik is a digital sheet music reader tailored to meeting the unique needs of professional orchestras. Newzik applies its expertise in music technology to assist and support orchestras through their transition into the digital era in accordance with their specific needs.


“Yorkshire Young Sinfonia says it is the first youth group to use the Newzik technology.”

“Newzik continues to grow and evolve… One of the most interesting apps and extremely intuitive.”

“First youth orchestra to become world’s first all-digital orchestra with Newzik.”

“Newzik is an excellent mix of simplicity and versatility.”

“A room filled with iPads rather than sheet music, thanks to digital music app Newzik.”

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Newzik official video: “When Classical meets technology”. Discover our mission statement and values.

Play it smart, Play with Newzik: our first video commercial.

Listen to the testimonial of the CEO of a youth orchestra, explaining the benefits of using Newzik.

Discover in this video the main benefits of using Newzik for orchestral players.


How Newzik can improve orchestra productivity – Download the official brochure


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