10 Reasons to Use IMSLP With Newzik

by | Oct 31, 2017

What classical musician hasn’t once used the IMSLP Petrucci music library? With more than 5 million monthly visitors, IMSLP is THE online database for searching and receiving copious amounts of public domain classical sheet music and for ‘free’. That’s why Newzik, the sheet music reading app on iPad & iPhone, has a fully integrated IMSLP platform that enables users to have large amounts of sheet music instantly at their fingertips.

So what are the main benefits of using IMSLP inside the Newzik app from an iPad or iPhone?

Let’s explore this further, with the 10 main reasons…

REASON 1: Upload free classical sheet music anywhere, anytime

iPad imslp newzik digital score nocturnes chopin

Because Newzik is a cloud-based app, you can download IMSLP sheet music at any time from your iPhone, and it will then be automatically uploaded to your iPad!

Even offline, you will have access to all your sheet music.

REASON 2: Directly sort your music into setlists

When you import IMSLP sheet music with Newzik from your iPhone or iPad, you can directly rename the piece, file and order it into a particular set list.

For instance, all of your pieces for string quartet can be organized into a categorized list called “String Quartets”.

Your music will never be loosely spread out on your computer; your digital library is built and organized!

iPad newzik imslp digital scores setlists organize

REASON 3: View all your parts within the same display

imslp Newzik digital sheet music score

With Newzik, you can even combine all the parts of the same piece into the same folder, so as to allow you to jump easily between the parts.

A highly appreciated element from conductors is that you can also gather different editions of the same piece in this same view!

REASON 4: Add an audio or video file

To give more interactivity to your IMSLP sheet music, you can add any media file directly from the IMSLP database, your own media Library or even add a Youtube link.

Then, you simply click on play to listen to what’s being played whilst you visualize the score, easy!

imslp newzik digital scores video nocturnes chopin

REASON 5: Clean-up your scanned sheet music

imslp iPad newzik digital scores annotations music

Your IMSLP sheet music is scribed? Not to worry! You can erase pre-inked bowings by simply using the white pencil from the Newzik annotation toolbox.

Are the margins too big? Not a problem at all, you can just use our crop feature to make the best layout.

REASON 6: Make your own digital markings

Use the text tool which includes, pencil, colors, highlights and pre-designed music symbols that Newzik offers to customize your sheet music further.

imslp newzik sheet music reader digital scores library

REASON 7: Edit the PDF layout

IMSLP Newzik sheet music reader app rearrange

No need to install Adobe Acrobat from your computer. If you have repeated signs, Newzik allows you to duplicate and reorder your pages! There is also the option of inserting a brand new blank page, which can be super handy, not to mention convenient.

REASON 8: Visualize double pages

Interestingly more so for pianists, simply turn your iPad to landscape mode and view 2 pages at once!

newzik imslp landscape nocturnes Chopin digital score iPad

REASON 9: Directly practice with the metronome

IMSL newzik metronom app sheet music reader

Use the embedded metronome to practice the music directly from the iPad.

REASON 10: Share & export!

Of course, you can at anytime export your annotated PDF sheet music and all the adjustments made with Newzik, then send it via email or even print it out.

imslp newzik iPad digital score nocturne chopin share

For all these reasons and more, it is worth every penny to have both a mobile sheet music viewer and IMSLP database on one single platform. Enjoy the Newzik app!


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