Asko|Schönberg GOES DIGITAL

A musical cooperation between an orchestra, a music publisher and Newzik

In May 2018, Newzik was fortunate to collaborate with two organizations based in the Netherlands: the Asko I Schönberg ensemble, a contemporary ensemble, and Donemus Publishing, a music publishing house.

The goal of this project was to start a conversation and reflect on the three-way partnership between music publishers, Newzik and orchestras, which culminated in a pilot performance using rented digital scores.

The digitalization of music scores opens the door to a plethora of opportunities for music publishers, who no longer have to worry about delivery delays and dealing with saving the markings. For Newzik, building a simple and secure digital score rental platform is a necessary step in order to streamline the relationship between music publishers and their orchestra clients.

This project was, therefore, an opportunity for Newzik to test a rental platform that is still being developed within a realistic environment, and to learn from a real case study in order to improve it.

For the “(De)construction” performance – which took place at the prestigious Muziekgebouw concert hall in Amsterdam – our team trained the musicians to work with Newzik on iPad Pros and to turn pages using Bluetooth pedals.

The Newzik software was enthusiastically embraced by the ensemble musicians, as seen in the video below.


Asko|Schönberg, Dutch leading ensemble for new music, performs music of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Cooperation between musicians and composers is central. Asko|Schönberg builds on the repertoire of the future with respect for 20th-century heritage.


Donemus Publishing is a publisher of contemporary classical music. Donemus is the only publisher worldwide to offer the parts of works for larger ensembles and orchestras for rent. Over 40% of the orchestras choose PDF over printed copies.


Some pictures and testimonials of the iPad Newzik concert


Following the performance, each musician filled out a questionnaire about their experience working with Newzik

“It is so practical!”

“I thought it would be an unecessary technology but it is way more easy to work with. The iPad screen visibility is great, page turning with the Bluetooth foot pedal is no a disaster anymore … Well, it works perfect, I would like to use it more!”

Koen Kaptijn, Trombone Player


Of the musicians want to use iPads again to read music

  • Do you think that digital scores on iPads will replace traditional sheet music? 80% 80%
  • Were you satisfied with the Newzik experience? 92% 92%
  • Would you like to use iPads again for a next concert? 100% 100%


The Asko I Schönberg ensemble was so happy with our technology that they will start working exclusively with Newzik and digital scores, enabling the musicians to stay on top of technological advancements and participate in accelerating the digital transition in the Netherlands.

The main national newspaper Trouw promotes this digital pilot (Dutch)

Credit: Ada Nieuwendijk

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