The Camerata Orchestra goes digital

Four Players tested out Newzik for a Week

In February of 2017, Newzik teamed up with the Israeli Camerata Orchestra to conduct a trial workshop. The trial was performed during a day of rehearsals.

For this trial, the Orchestra would become a hybrid one, as four string players out of the total of 30 players would play on iPad Pros.

The Players using iPads Pros and Bluetooth foot pedal were: Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass.

None of the four players had ever used our App or an iPad beforehand to replace their paper scores. The only experience they had, came from preparing the scores at home in the days leading up to rehearsal of the spectacular piece by Mozart.

israeli camerata playing with ipads

The Israel Camerata Orchestra Jerusalem is the leading chamber orchestra in Israel today. The Camerata was founded in 1983 and performs more than 100 concerts a year in Israel and abroad. You will find the Camerata performing at festivals, special concerts and unique educational projects all over the country.

“I have always been convinced that technology will replace paper.”

“I have always been convinced that technology will replace paper. Thanks to the Newzik team, we can prepare this transition smoothly”

Bentzi Shira, General Manager

Pieces Performed

Vado ma Dove, Mozart

The Results Were Amazing

During the break, many of the other musicians using paper were eager to try the software as well. They simply saw how smooth and easy it was for the four players on stage to do annotations, and the page turns using a pedal.

Future Perspective

All in all the feedback during the trial was very positive. So much that we are now planning a larger trial with the full orchestra!

Israel Camerata Orchestra violinist playing with iPad Pro

“It is so useful to quickly be able to annotate and erase my bowings, thank you Newzik and keep up the good work!”

Yaron Eigenstein – First Violin

“I am convinced! I will already be using this application with my own iPad” 

Marina Katz – Bass

“Newzik is very comfortable and easy to use” 

Eddie Reznik – Violin

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