The Top 3 Digital Score iPad Apps For Classical Publishers

by | Jul 27, 2017

Sometimes it seems that the classical music publishing world is stuck in the past. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of bring you our ‘Top 3 Digital Score iPad Apps for Classical Publishers’, because even today, conductors and librarians who would like to receive specific sheet music, have to either request this via postal order, or physically drag themselves to a music store, not fun! Not to mention, that the orchestras then still have to wait for the material to be delivered (postman style). The good news is, this is slowly changing as major publishers are taking steps in updating their methods, bringing musicians what they really want and need.

“You do not need more space on your shelf, but get the complete scores including all accompanying texts of the printouts on your iPad.” Bärenreiter

Bärenreiter Digital Score – Tzigane

1: The Bärenreiter Study Score Reader App

This app is ideal for Conductors, Pianists, Choirs, Individual String players such as; Violin and Cello, Chamber groups and Music students. With their free app, you will be able to buy a constantly growing number of editions in the Bärenreiter Store, where you can purchase the great masterpieces of classical music from Bach to Debussy.

Good news, as a conductor, you will also find 34 study scores available, including the introductions and the critical commentaries.

Visit the Bärenreiter website
Download the Bärenreiter app

2: The Henle Library app

This App is ideal for Pianists, Individual String players such as; Violin, Cello and Viola, Individual Woodwind players; Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, Chamber groups and Music students. The app itself is free to download and comes with in-app-purchases, meaning you can get access to their digital catalog from within the app. With one click, the app gives musicians playing together the ability to see the different fingerings for the same piece. Lastly, you can purchase just the part you need without having to buy the complete score saving you lots of money.

Visit Henle website
Download the Henle app

G. Henle Digital Score – Violin Sonata

Inside the Faber app – Unit 1

3: The Faber Music app – Mastering Piano with Lang Lang

This App is ideal for Piano music students of various levels and is completely free. In 2015, Faber Music launched their first app with superstar concert pianist Lang Lang, pioneering the digital learning experience for a new generation of players. The “mastering the piano with Lang Lang” App reflects the printed publications, sharing the same warm-up exercises, studies, and pieces, although these have been enhanced with a range of brand new practice tools including a digital notebook and metronome. Every unit explores a particular area of piano technique and contains an exclusive coaching video from Lang Lang.

Visit the Faber website
Download the Faber app


Now that we have reviewed all 3 of our ‘Top Apps’ we begin to see that publishing houses are clearly making an effort in adapting to the 21’s century musically. With their vast amount of features for effortless browsing, easily engaging and practicing, we can see why.

After all, classical music publishers do need to proceed into the digital world sooner or later. Old and new, traditional and contemporary, big and small, step by step the publishers will create digital solutions to fit the needs of today’s musicians.


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