youth orchestra of scotland goes digital

A 100% Digital Modern Performance

In August 2017 we teamed up with the National Youth Orchestras of Scotland (NYOS) to conduct an exciting 4-day experience with the 26 young orchestral members. These highly talented musicians were software trained by our Newzik team and provided with the technical expertise to enable an entirely digital efficient rehearsal and a smooth final performance.

Luckily for us, The National Youth Orchestras of Scotland (NYOS) was on the hunt for a reliable and emerging partner who would involve and engage its students in emerging technologies. We accepted this exciting collaboration with our arms wide open and were very happy with the outcomes. Indeed the challenge of this project was that the 3 rehearsals and the final performance were taken place in different locations across Scotland from Glasgow to Edinburgh. meaning, of course, much maneuvering was required.

Needless to say, it was nearly unfelt, thanks to the collaboration between the Newzik team and the Orchestra management.

Founded in 1979, the National Youth Orchestras of Scotland is the core provider of orchestral experiences for young Classical and Jazz musicians between the ages of 8-25 years throughout Scotland.

The Repertoire

Concerto for Comedian and Orchestra/ Reduced Orchestration  

Conductor: Ben Glassberg

Guest Conductor: Chris George

Special Guest: Comedian, Actress, Musician and Composer Vikki Stone



Discover what the NYOS musicians had to say about Newzik

After the project, we asked the 26 musicians to fill out a survey on how they found the Newik experience. We were delighted to see that a large majority of musicians were highly satisfied overall and a staggering 92% even said they would like to participate in the experience all over again.

We also asked the question of ‘Where would you like to use an iPad with the Newzik App?’ in which we received some very positive responses including 67% stating that they would like to use the iPad just as they did during the performance with NYOS. Whereas 53% stated they would like to use it at home to study a piece. And most interestingly 73% claimed that they would like to explore it more during class time.

And from our perspective, it was absolutely astonishing for the Newzik team to see how quickly the young musicians adapted to working with the iPads and the new technology. Not to mention how comfortable they felt, in return performing with confidence and ease.


Of the musicians would like to use Newzik again

What do you think about the size of the iPad Pro?

  • Loved it 40% 40%
  • Good 60% 60%
  • Bad 0% 0%

What do you think about the quality of the screen?

  • Loved it 47% 47%
  • Good 53% 53%
  • Bad 0% 0%

The use of Newzik and the iPads was a very positive opportunity for us, and it was definitely a great addition to this particular project with Vikki Stone.

Nicolas Zekulin, Orchestra Manager

We found Newzik to be an incredibly useful tool  – it ensured that annotations were easy to make and the software has many collaborative benefits lacking from similar platforms.

Ben Glassberg, Conductor

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