Newzik and the French Prime Minister

Mar 23, 2017 | 0 comments

A rewarding meeting!

Tel Aviv – May 2016

Newzik presented its project to Manuel Valls, the French Prime Minister in Tel Aviv. Only 5 startups among the best French ones were chosen to introduce themselves.

This event took place in a confined room with only 15 people, and no journalists. It was a great honor for us to be present!
Manuel Valls was amazed by all the possibilities Newzik has to offer.

When Manuel Valls came to Tel Aviv last Sunday, he chose the 5 most promising French-israeli startups to present their project. Newzik was selected to present its Sheet Music Reader app.

The Newzik team proudly introduced the project to him behind closed doors in a room full of only 15 people. Family style.

We discussed how late the music sector is today in terms of a Digital Revolution.
He agreed with us sadly.

We consequently explained to him our main goal: make a musician’s life easier with the Newzik app.
He fully supported our initiative.

Manuel Valls was really enthusiastic and amazed by our project. It became quite a famous and symbolic moment, covered by the most important French media, such as Le Monde.

Next step: a visit from his wife, Anne Gravoin, a great violin-player who is waiting for our solution to her paper sheet music issues!

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