Orchestras Engaging their Audience with Technology

by | Jun 5, 2017

Social media platforms, for example, are a highly influential and accessible option for many. Especially for the creative industry. And with the ability to reach millions of viewers worldwide simply with a click of a button we can see exactly why Orchestras are also now getting involved. The National Symphony Orchestra, for example, has more than 59,013 followers on Facebook, and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra an astonishing 168,708 followers. They are both reaping the true benefits of what the 21’s century tech world has to offer.

So let’s take a look and see how orchestras are using technology to keep their audience engaged and up-to-date…

Example 1: The LA Philharmonic & Virtual Reality

In 2015/16, the Los Angeles Philharmonic launched an ambitious and widely acclaimed virtual reality experience called the Orchestra VR. A first of its kind, the app made it possible for people to experience the iconic Walt Disney Concert Hall in a 360-degree 3D performance. Many who tried the experience were astonished to find a complete ease in within the entire viewing experience many calling it “surreal”. The performance features the opening of Beethoven’s classic Fifth Symphony conducted by the famous Gustavo Dudamel and the performed by the LA Philharmonic. We highly recommend watching the video yourself and indulging your creativity within the entire sensual experience.

Example 2:  The London Philharmonic & Apps

Back in 2012, the Philharmonic Orchestra from the UK released a very innovative iPad App called The Orchestra, costing a mere $9.99.
It allows for real-time selection of multiple video and audio tracks, along with an automatically synchronized score and dynamic graphical note-by-note visualization of each piece as it is played.
Other features of the App include Philharmonic players presenting their instruments as well as Principal Conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen and musicians from the Philharmonic providing commentary on each piece.
All in all, this app provides the user with a truly unique insight into the world of the orchestral musician.

The Orchestra is an excellent way to learn more about that most mysterious of musical organizations, in a way that a book or a linear video documentary wouldn’t quite be able to realize – PC Mag 

Example 3: Berliner Philharmoniker & Live Streaming platforms

Another really special and creative experience is one that the Berliner Philharmoniker is offering. Now you can enjoy a free trial live stream to view a selection of concerts on your TV, computer, or any handheld device such as an iPad or iPhone. Choose from four different subscription plans and gain access to more than 40 concerts filmed in HD with amazing sound quality. There is also an option to get behind the scenes access enabling you to see exactly how it all works, exciting!

What a great way to experience the Berlin Philharmonic historically and to the present. The range of music they have on their site is amazing and the sound incredible! Worth every penny and more- ABass1



As we can see from our 3 Examples above there is no doubt about it, orchestras that can and will make an effort to embrace technology will benefit hugely.

While such a move may at first seem daunting, it is important for an institution to think long term and to embrace the opportunities of new technology. After all, times are changing fast and history shows that you either adapt to new changes and challenges or fall behind.

Let’s make classical, technical!  


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