The French Republican Guard Orchestra & Newzik

The concept

In April 2018, Newzik partnered with the French Republican Guard Orchestra for a performance of Ludwig van Beethoven’s work.

This one-time concert took place in Paris at the Saint-Louis des Invalides cathedral, where the ensemble hosted three renowned soloists: the violinist Augustin Dumay, the cellist Henri Demarquette and the pianist Michel Dalberto.

The performance was Newzik’s first collaboration with a military ensemble, and the 50 musicians performed three different pieces using iPad Pros and Bluetooth pedals. Collaborating with a military orchestra in a historic monument was a unique experience for Newzik.

Bringing such a new technology to the Invalides cathedral – a place imbued with French history – was both a striking symbol as well as a challenge for the musicians involved. As most of them had not previously worked with digital scores, the transition from paper to digital had to be fast and efficient.

The musicians easily and successfully embraced the iPads and found that the Newzik tool was perfectly adapted to rehearsals and performances in diverse locations.

French Republican Guard Orchestra transparent playing with iPadsAbout

The Symphony Orchestra of the Republican Guard was founded in 1848 and comprises 120 professional musicians who graduated from the Paris and Lyon music conservatories. The orchestra is conducted by François Boulanger.


Performing with iPad Pros at the Invalides cathedral was a definite first for the military orchestra.

The Repertoire 

1. Symphonie en si bémol majeur, op.60, pour orchestre, Beethoven

2. Coriolan, Ouverture en ut mineur, op.62, Beethoven

3. Triple concerto pour violon, violoncelle, piano et orchestre en ut majeur, op.56, Beethoven


Augustin Dumay, Violin

Henri Demarquette, Cello

Michel Dalberto, Piano


Following the highly-praised performance, each musician filled out a questionnaire about their experience working with Newzik.

  • Do you believe paper scores can be replaced by digital tools? 67%
  • How would you score your experience working with Newzik? 78%
  • Was it an experience you would like to repeat? 83%

“It was very enjoyable!”

It’s easy to see the many possibilities offered by Newzik. The sofware is extremely fluid and allows all parties to save a huge amount of time. The page turn using a Bluetooth pedal is a very interesting feature and, for the very first time, clean annotations can be shared between all members of the orchestra! This is an experience that should definitely be tried and tested, as digital scores may become the new musical standard.

Fabien Roussel, Violinist

For this large-scale project with the Republican Guard, the iPads used by the musicians were provided by our partner EasyTablettes. Contact them today to get the best possible deal for hiring tablets worldwide, and the support of their professionals.

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