The Major Music Fair Trade Shows

Mar 21, 2017 | 1 comment

The Newzik team proudly entered the convention world by exhibiting in Music Fair trade shows and we wanted to give you some feedback on our own experience, and some things we learnt along the way!

For the record, Music Fair trade shows are international trade shows for all musical instruments, sheet music, music marketing and production, music software & hardware and much more. These trade fairs attract musicians, music educators, buyers, and entrepreneurs of all kinds from the music industry.

So, be it that you are one of them or just a curious music lover, you should definitely read this article.

  • The NAMM Show – THE place to attend


If there is ONE event not to be missed, this is the one.

NAMM stands for the National Association of Music Merchants, it is « the trade association of the international music products industry ».

This show takes place in Anaheim, California every January.

The NAMM’s motto: « Believe in Music » highlights this event as the one where the music begins: more than 1,700 exhibitors presenting their products, attendees from 125 different countries and regions around the world, an estimated purchasing power of $10.7 billion for the registered global buying companies.

Some say attending this show is like being a kid in a candy store: you’re so amazed that you do not know which way to look whether you are a musician, a professional, an educator or a retailer.

For instance, you could randomly meet the Yamaha Corporation CEO, discover the new Marshall guitars, or attend amazing performances at the Hilton Hotel that has been converted into a Concert Hall.

Note that the show is open to visitors only on specific days.

If you miss it, the NAMM show is followed by its junior version, the Summer NAMM,  which revolves more around guitar, however.

  • MusikMesse – A classic



On the European side, MusikMesse is big and a classic.

Considered as “the international trade fair for musical instruments, sheet music, music production and marketing “, Musikmesse is held every year in April in the city of Frankfurt .

It attracts the same types of exhibitors, buyers, educators and also visitors as the NAMM.

In 2016, it hosted more than 1,000 exhibitors from 52 different countries and about 64,000 visitors. And yes, Musikmesse is more open to visitors than NAMM.

MusikMesse is organized by The Messe Frankfurt Group which also organizes (or co-organizes) other worldwide conventions such as NAMM Musikmesse Russia and Music China.

Sadly, since the 2015 edition, Musikmesse has had to reduce the exhibition area …. apparently due to budget constraints.

Today, the Music industry is probably more focused on the NAMM Show.

However, Tobias Kuehlmann, one of the main organizers, claims, “both events [the NAMM and Musikmesse] have reason to coexist and each has their own importance as they are both held in strong markets, great musical culture and tradition markets”.

We do hope the music industry agrees with Tobias, however only the future will tell…


  • Music China – the Newcomer

music china

It is the rising star among trade fairs today as the Music industry increasingly looks to Asia.

Organized for the first time in 2002, the 2015 edition gathered more than 80,000 visitors, 1,700 exhibitors and is planning on receiving even more for 2016, when Music China will expand to 10 more exhibition halls. You will find there big companies such as Yamaha, Casio, Taylor Guitars, Selmer, Pearl, Marshall, Samick… just to name a few.

Why should you attend this show?

You will meet professionals from the Chinese market and, even more so from the Asian area, a rapidly developing and promising market.

And, as a visitor, you will come across brands seen nowhere else and attend quality conferences. Anyone can go, and it is worth the trip!

This recent newcomer to the music fair world may contribute to a polarization of the industry where Westerners begin attending the NAMM and the Easterners Music China.

To sum-up, we only named “LA CRÈME DE LA CRÈME” of the music fair trade shows but there are many others: starting with our French protégé “MIDEM”, although the latter attracts many more artists.

Ever attended one of these fairs? Share with us your own experience and feedback!

If you think that some important shows are missing in this article, please let us know at

– Your dedicated Newzik Team – 

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