Yorkshire Young Sinfonia goes digital

First Youth Orchestra Swapping Sheet Music for Digital Scores

On August the 19th, Yorkshire Young Sinfonia successfully performed with Ray Chen at Hull City Hall.

The audience noticed something unusual: traditional music stands were replaced with iPad Pros. For the first time, a youth orchestra completely swapped sheet music for digital scores.

During an entire week, the young musicians rehearsed with 45 iPad Pros which had one thing in common: the Newzik App.
The technology was used to its fullest and not a single paper score was needed as a back-up. Rehearsals were held for 7 hours every day, iPads moved from rooms to rooms for sectional sessions entailing real logistical challenges such as device battery life.

“All the process went incredibly easy” –  according to David Taylor,  CEO & founder of YYS.

Below the story illustrated by BBC News.

Yorkshire Young Sinfonia success stories logo digital scores

YYS is a unique Youth Orchestra in Yorkshire, delivering courses for young musicians and unforgettable high profile concerts. In September 2015, YYS gained national acclaim as the feature of the BBC Radio 4 programme “Birth of an Orchestra” with Alan Bennett.


 60 musicians using Newzik on 45 iPad Pros with the iRig BlueTurn foot pedals.


The Repertoire

1. Fanfare, Copland

2. Symphony 9, Dvorak

3. Violin Concerto, Mendelssohn

4. Jake Randel, Leeds composition competition


Testimonial videos of the CEO, conductor, and musicians the Yorkshire Young Sinfonia.

“The whole process went incredibly easy.
All things are just downloaded instantly on any of the 45 iPads.
Newzik has been an invaluable tool, and it’s going to be almost impossible for our orchestra to go back now.”

David Taylor – Founder & CEO of the YYS orchestra

One of the great features during rehearsals that I’ve enjoyed to use is that I can bring up any part from within the orchestra that I want.
For instance, I can easily mark bowings into the string parts.

Tom Hammond – Conductor

As a string player, it’s so easy to see everybody’s bowing with just a few taps. And then, I can just write my own, or erase it just as easily.

Guy – musician of the YYS orchestra


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