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What I find amazing is the idea of music together. I’m interested in what we are doing with this application, and how it is linked to collaboration. For example, if the first violinist makes a down-bow on his score, the fourteen violinists behind him will get the information instantaneously.

Yvan Cassar, Conductor


74% of musicians think that paper scores should be replaced by digital tools for an improved reading experience


74% of the musicians enjoyed using Newzik

See how this conductor uses a large touch-screen during rehearsals


98% of musicians would like to continue using Newzik

“Using Newzik and the iPads was a very positive opportunity for us, and it was definitely a great addition to this particular project with Vikki Stone”.

Nicolas Zekulin – Orchestra Manager (NYOS)

The whole process was incredibly easy.
All scores are just downloaded instantly on all of our 45 iPad Pros.
Newzik has been an invaluable tool, and it’s going to be almost impossible for our orchestra to go back how we used to work.

David Taylor – Founder & CEO (YYS Orchestra)


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