Newzik & Universal Edition

The future of music publishing

Newzik aims at providing musicians with the best technology and content possible. Every day, our team works hard to develop innovative products and features tailored to the specific needs of musicians. From day one, our objective has always been to work hand-in-hand with music publishers to provide content.

Today, in cooperation with Universal Edition, we enter a new chapter. For the first time ever, it is possible to buy or rent digital sheet music from UE Now’s broad catalogue and receive it directly in your Newzik library. This is a major step towards the future of the music publishing industry.

“The music publishing industry is at a turning point. The rising demand coming from musicians using tablets and smartphones makes it increasingly necessary to provide them with digital content in an easy and secure way. We are truly thankful to the Universal Edition team for taking this amazing step forward using the Newzik technology.”

Raphaël Schumann, CEO of Newzik

How does it work?

1. SHOP AT Universal Edition

Browse the UE Now catalogue on the Universal Edition website from any device, and select the material that you would like to buy or rent. Look for the UE Now tag to see what products are available in digital format.

2. Connect to Newzik

Before the payment, you will be asked to enter your Newzik account information. Use your Newzik ID and password, or create an account if you don’t already have one. Your UE account will now be associated to your Newzik account, so you don’t have to do it again next time.

3. Get your order in Newzik

Your purchase will be sent instantly to your Inbox in the Newzik app. You will receive a notification in your app, and will be able to import the content to your digital library.
That’s it!

Redefining music publishing

Redefining music publishing

Every day, more and more musicians are asking for digital scores. When Newzik met the Universal Edition team in Vienna two years ago, we both knew that someday, the music publishing industry would have to go digital. We decided to cooperate and create a model to sell and rent digital scores to musicians, music schools, orchestras, and opera houses, while at the same time protecting the intellectual property of composers, publishers, musicians and artists.

Over the course of these two years, we worked hand-in-hand to develop a whole new way of distributing sheet music, truly redefining what it means to be a music publisher. No more printing, no more storing, no more shipping. Newzik provided its technology, while Universal Edition provided its music publishing expertise and insights.

Our solution not only simplifies the daily work of music publishers but also provides more copyright protection than paper. We believe this constitutes the future of the music publishing industry, and we are honored to take this step towards the future with UE Now.

Benefits for music publishers

Music publishers have always been a cornerstone of the music industry and we do not see that changing in the future. On the contrary, we believe technology can enhance the way music publishers work and help them focus on what really matters: creating the best material for musicians.

“The advantages are obvious: sheet music that is available everywhere and at all times, which also enables collaborative music-making and annotation for musicians of all levels, from the hobbyist to the orchestra professional”

Astrid Koblanck, CEO of Universal Edition AG

Stay in control

With the Newzik API, publishers maintain control on distribution, pricing and marketing, while we make it easy to deliver music digitally to the final customer. 

High-Quality & Augmented Content

Unlike paper scores, digital sheet music doesn’t deteriorate over time. Provide your customers with the cleanest products every time, or go even further and enhance your content with bookmarks, backing tracks, and much more.

Copyright Protection

With our solution, music publishers are able to ensure that their material is protected, stays in the Newzik environment and is only used according to the terms of the contract (number of licences, duration, location…).

Distribution made easy

The Newzik technology simplifies your daily life. No more printing, no more storing, no more shipping. Sell and rent as many copies as you want simultaneously at no additional cost, and serve your clients at the speed of light.

Want to use the Newzik API?

With UE Now, Universal Edition is proving that music publishers have a critical role to play in the digital age, and many other publishers have already joined the movement. We encourage all publishing houses, big or small, to join us so that we can all work together in providing musicians with the best experience possible. Our teams can easily help you to implement the Newzik API and train you on the best way to optimize your catalogue for digital distribution.