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Top 15 Teams shortcuts for music teachers

Friday, April 23, 2021

If you too can no longer do without Teams in your everyday life as a music teacher, then this article is for you! Here are the top 15 keyboard shortcuts you need to know to make your life easier.

Whether you’re on the Mac team or the Windows team, here are some tips that will make your life on Teams easier.

Teaching online courses is not easy, so these organisational and video conferencing platforms come in handy! In just a few minutes 8 minutes you will know all the secrets of Teams in detail.

Let’s get started!

#1 - Start a new discussion : Command(⌘) + N (Mac) | Ctrl + N (Windows)

During your online course sessions, it is always useful to be able to send the link of a video or document in just a few seconds to your whole class.

Thanks to this shortcut, it’s only a few clicks away! Practical, isn’t it?

#2 – Open the settings : Command(⌘) + comma (Mac) | Ctrl + comma (Windows)

Teams is a platform with many features and a lot of space. So you don’t have to waste time looking for the button you need, just open the settings section.

#3 – Open the Activity section : Command(⌘) + 1 (Mac) | Ctrl + 1 (Windows)

As a music teacher, you teach several levels and therefore several groups of students. It is imperative to be able to follow what is going on in each of your teams. The activity section is essential for this.

This dashboard of all your notifications allows you to know in time if your students have contacted you or if they need you.

#4 – Open the Conversation section : Command(⌘) + 2 (Mac) | Ctrl + 2 (Windows)

This is where you have access to all your group and private discussions.

Whether during a lesson or outside of lesson time, your students may need to contact you at any time. They do this in the easiest way possible: in the Conversation section. With just two clicks you can take a look at it to make sure you don’t miss any messages.

#5 – Open the Team section : Command(⌘) + 3 (Mac) | Ctrl + 3 (Windows)

Music teachers have different groups. Organisation is the secret of a good music teacher. The Teams platform has thought of this detail! The Teams section allows you to organise each of your lessons into different teams and to file your documents correctly.

#6 – Open the Calendar section : Command(⌘) + 4 (Mac) | Ctrl + 4 (Windows)

As the name suggests, this section is your support for organising your schedule.

As a music teacher’s week is often very busy, it is very useful to be able to quickly look at the deadlines and appointments for the day.

#7 – Open the Calls section : Command(⌘) + 5 (Mac) | Ctrl + 5 (Windows)

This section contains all your calls, call histories and also all your contacts and favourites.

Whenever you need to contact a student or teacher, just type Ctrl + 5 on Windows or Command(⌘) + 5 if you are using a Mac and you are done.

#8 – Open the Files section : Command(⌘) + 6 (Mac) | Ctrl + 6 (Windows)

A shortcut that takes you to another shortcut, pretty cool huh? The Files section saves you from having to search through each of your folders to find the one you wanted to send to your students for next week’s lesson.

In just two clicks you have access to all the documents you have uploaded and sent via the platform.

#9 – Accepting the video call : Command(⌘) + Maj + A (Mac) | Ctrl + Maj + A (Windows)

#10 – Accepting the audio call : Command(⌘) + Maj + S (Mac) | Ctrl + Maj + S (Windows)

Remember this if you don’t have a multi-camera setup! Before moving your computer to a different viewing angle, pause the recording. Restart the recording when you are ready to use the new angle. This way, the final result will be cleaner, without the transitions between the different views.

#11 - Refuse the call : Command(⌘) + Maj + D (Mac) | Ctrl + Maj + D (Windows)

It’s simple and convenient. It’s always unpleasant to receive a call in the middle of a class or while working on a document.

#12 - Initiate an audio call : Command(⌘) + Maj + C (Mac) | Ctrl + Maj + C (Windows)

#13- Initiate a video call : Command(⌘) + Maj + U (Mac) | Ctrl + Maj + U (Windows)

#14 - Activate or deactivate the participants' microphone : Command(⌘) + Maj + M (Mac) | Ctrl + Maj + M (Windows)

This is one of my favourite features. I’d bet you’ve been faced with a gigantic mess at least once when your entire class of teenagers joined their microphones and started a debate about how the weekend was going… and you committed to manually muting them all to regain control of the situation.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, don’t forget this shortcut: Command(⌘)+Control+M, with which you can mute all participants at once… except you. What a feeling of power, it feels good? And don’t worry: only the host gets this super power.

#15 - Sharing your screen : Command(⌘) + Shift + E (Mac) | Ctrl + Shift + E (Windows)

This feature allows you to start and stop your screen sharing. Don’t waste any more time searching for the button to stop your sharing. You have the possibility to share your screen and to stop it in one click. How convenient is that?


Teams is a real asset for music teachers. It allows you to communicate with your students but also to organise your different courses with peace of mind. However, the platform remains incomplete.

You can’t collaborate and create in real time with your students. That’s why Newzik is the ideal platform partner. You can work in real time and recreate the atmosphere of a remote classroom thanks to the various features of our application.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at [our website](/{{ .Site.Language.Lang }}/) !

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