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Build your digital library and access it anytime, anywhere. Import thousands of scores, and organize them into Setlists and Projects. Edit your sheet music with a professional set of tools, and share your annotations in real-time with your colleagues. Practice at home and perform on stage with confidence.

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Get a comprehensive set of technological tools and improve every step of your musical process. From buying and renting orchestra material to distributing it to each of your musicians in just seconds, from sharing bowings in real time during rehearsals to performing on stage with confidence, Newzik empowers your institution with modern technology and training that goes with it.

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The future of music publishing.

Make no compromise. Sell or rent your content on demand to your clients, while protecting your content and copyright. Choose the number of licences and expiration date, allow or impede export, and deliver your orders digitally at the speed of sound with Newzik PWP.

Go one step further: connect your webshop and automate your digital distribution process with Newzik API.

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